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ON LAUNCHPAD: Gold Discounted By 88.4% – MISSION CRITICAL!

by | May 11, 2020 | Stock Market Wealth

Between 2008 and 2020, the mining sector, which is HIGHLY CONCENTRATED in Canada’s venture exchange, has been DECIMATED. The index is down 85% over the past twelve years – THAT’S BRUTAL.

The TSX Venture isn’t only comprised of mining stocks, but it’s a pretty fair GAUGE as to how difficult it has been to CREATE VALUE in natural resources since 2008.

For one, during the EARLY 2000s, mining enjoyed TREMENDOUS TAILWIND. Gold’s price went from $250/ounce to $1,000 in just a few years!

Even 2008 and the recession THAT ENSUED did not cause gold’s price to falter. It went on to SOAR TO ALL-TIME HIGHS by 2011, finally peaking above $1,900/ounce.

In commodities, the MOST IMPORTANT attribute to determine your outcome is TIMING!

In May 2007, the index peaked at 3,361 points. It crashed to a low of 684 in December 2008, BOUNCED QUICKLY to 2,423 points by February 2011, and has since BEEN OBLITERATED, now trading even BELOW its 2008 bottom and even below the DECEMBER 2015 GOLD BOTTOM!

The junior mining sector is REASONABLY CHEAP no matter how you look at it!

For the index to return to its 2007 peak of the previous commodities supercycle, the gains would equate to 614%.

Leo Hathaway and Rob Pease were part of the COMMODITIES SUPERCYCLE of the early 2000s. Thousands of people were, but these two, in particular, made fortunes for shareholders of the companies they were involved with.

Leo Hathaway was INSTRUMENTAL in getting four copper assets sold AT THE TOP OF THE MARKET for a combined $1.5B to the likes of Teck Resources and First Quantum, among others. Rob Pease did it with two separate ventures, resulting in a COMBINED buyout total of $1.1B.

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Along with Ian Slater, they recently founded Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF) with a SOLE MISSION of ECLIPSING what worked back then without REPEATING the beginner’s mistakes.

We’ve recently featured this company in late April when the stock was CAD$0.085 at the time. Today, the stock trades for CAD$0.10. Its market cap is only CAD$9.3M.

Because the company owns 12 BILLION POUNDS of copper equivalent, the market is currently valuing this ore for $0.01, while the PEER AVERAGE stands at $0.10.

This is the PRIMARY REASON why we are featuring it; the potential upside is CLEAR.

Secondly, it’s the strategy: Mocoa, their copper asset in Colombia, which already has a PFS (Pre-Feasibility Study) conducted on it, is just the RIGHT SIZE AND GRADE for major copper producers to become interested.

In the COMMODITIES SUPERCYCLE, assets like it turned into producing mines and were sold for about $400M.

Ian Slater, the CEO, is FULLY AWARE that he is in a race against time. He compares 2020 with 2004, so he believes that he has A MAXIMUM of three years to advance Mocoa, an endeavor the company anticipates would cost between $10M-$30M to execute, in order to reach the stage where Leo Hathaway could potentially repeat his previous successes and sell it for potentially MUCH MORE. 

In other words, a combination of the below could make Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF) one of the best venture opportunities in the world today:

  1. Existing major mines are depleting. 
  2. Copper supply is reaching problematic ranges while green energy initiatives, such as electric vehicles and China’s One Road, One Belt masterplan, spark demand frenzy and higher copper prices. 
  3. Internal work conducted by management to de-risk Mocoa would bring it to a point that meets the criteria of major copper producers. The company spends around $30M and creates a potential $300M-$400M buyout deal!

This is even before we look into the EXPLORATION POTENTIAL of their Big Red project, which will be drilled next month to test, at depth, where surface channel sampling in outcropping rock returned 5.4 g/t gold over 50 meters. Looking at the whole picture, it is clearly discounted by about 88.4%, compared with direct peers from a resource/market cap perspective.

I’m personally a shareholder and consider this high-risk/high-reward. The timing here is the KEY TO IT ALL!

Consider shares of Libero Copper & Gold (TSX-V: LBC & US: LBCMF)!

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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