One Stock Has Reacted with a 613% Move

The chickens are coming home to roost. After years of incessant fiat currency printing and the government kicking the can down the road, consumer prices are rocketing higher and the public is outraged.

2021 has been devastating for consumers and painful for wage earners across the board.

The excuses are already being promulgated to the public.

It’s amazing to consider that not too long ago, the Federal Reserve was targeting an annualized U.S. inflation rate of 2%.


As a result, even after five consecutive months of 5% annualized inflation or higher, the consumer price index just surged 6.2% from a year ago in October – that’s the most since December of 1990!

As a result, Callinex Mines (TSX-V: CNX & US: CLLXF) has surged by as much as 2,000% since the March lows!

Callinex MInes  (US: CLLXF) has discovered copper, zinc and silver! Copper and zinc are part of a revolution which Wall Street does appreciate: electric and hybrid vehicles. These cars, trucks, and buses will require enormous quantities of these base metals – and there are only so many companies mining for them today.

The annual demand for zinc in batteries was only 600 metric tons in 2020, but that figure is projected to rise to 77,500 metric tons in 2030.

And of course, it’s impossible to imagine a future for electric vehicles without the use of copper. Among other components, the red metal is used in:

  • Electric motors
  • EV batteries
  • Inverters and wiring
  • Charging port cables
  • Transformers
  • Wiring in the electric panel

As a result, the usage of copper in EV’s is up to four times more than in conventional (combustion engine) cars.

Here’s why we’re bullish on Callinex Mines, then:

* Callinex Mines (US: CLLXF) is in the driver-seat with its project and the whole community is rooting for it, basically. Hudbay, the only active miner in town has stated plans to shut down in one year and can only hope that Callinex (US: CLLXF) can prove that its project is the future; at the point, the project is attractive for suitors and Max Porterfield, who has invested almost a decade of his life into this, will not let it go for cheap, if the day ever comes – I can tell you that.

On March 13th 2020, the stock was trading for 26 cents. By July 2nd, its price was CAD$0.68, a 161% move in just three and a half months, because big announcements were made during that time, particularly in late June!

By July 10th 2020, it was trading for 96 cents, another 41% move in just one week!

On July 24th 2020, just two weeks after that, it was CAD$2.37, which means that in four months (March through to July 2020), it went from CAD$0.26 to CAD$2.37, an 811% move in 4 months!

Between January 4th 2021 and February 1st 2021, this very specific Inflation Game Plan doubled in price in just one month!

We could be on the verge of another major session for Callinex (US: CLLXF), a period of a consistent flow of news; therefore, I’m giving you this heads up!

Be 100% certain that you check out this short and concise Fact Sheet on the company HERE!

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