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** PERFECT Trade: TIMING Is Everything! **

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

** PERFECT Trade: TIMING Is Everything! **

by | Stock Market Wealth

The cannabis industry is huge and on its way to become a global industry.

The reason it is growing so fast is that there are millions of satisfied consumers for recreational and medical products already – cannabis is chipping away at alcohol sales, and it is becoming extremely popular with people, who stick with natural medicine.

In 5-10 years, cannabis will be legal in most countries – big pharma, big tobacco, and big alcohol know this for a fact, so they are planning to make acquisitions.

These companies are well aware that cannabis is their growth opportunity.

Legalization is a non-recurring event – it’s a one-way street, which leads to a boom, but in order to capitalize from this, we must invest only with government Licensed Producers.

The agenda for the authorities to expedite legalization is clear-cut:

  1. Less violent crime by gangs that run illegal operations.
  2. Full oversight and quality control of the products, resulting in strict standards and free market competition.
  3. Billions in tax revenue every year and gainful employment opportunities for millions of professionals.

The public has cast its vote, along with the medical industry. We haven’t scratched the surface of this, though. In 10 years, cannabis products will have their own aisles at Wal-Mart and their own section in pharmacies; cannabis oils will be a household item.

In 90 days, Canada is set to officially become the most westernized nation to fully legalize the industry. Businesses from around the globe will flock there, learning the commercial secrets of the Canadian firms, paying top-dollar to acquire them. Regulators will study the Canadian model to replicate it in their home country, and tourists will jolt the economy.

The timing to position with a Canadian cannabis stock is ideal.

Our No.1 play is Pure Global Cannabis (TSX-V: PURE)
Consider shares IMMEDIATELY!

We’ve done a painstakingly detailed analysis, going over all 36 Canadian, medical-grade licensed, publicly-traded producers, to eliminate the overvalued ones, the struggling ones, the mismanaged ones, and the hyped-up ones. We’ve narrowed it down to the stock, which will deliver massive gains, fast. 

Pure Global Cannabis has many unique characteristics, which build a moat around its business model. It will start to break away from the competition, and the market will instantly notice the difference well before construction of their mega-facility is completed in several months’ time.

Malay Panchal is the founder and CEO of the company. What he and I ran over, time and time again, were the expected costs to put this together, on time, with minimal budget surprises, and the company is fully funded, through completion.

In other words, no share dilution is necessary to reach phase 3 and begin producing.

The business has no debt; it has over $10M in cold, hard cash. This is huge, since it means the downside risk is contained.

Most of our discussions revolved around the patent-pending manufacturing process that Pure Global Cannabis (TSX-V: PURE) is implementing because no one else is setting-up such a high-level plant.

With legalization, the competition in this industry will be fierce. Many growers will go out of business quickly, if they do not possess the intellectual property or the expertise to keep up with innovation.

Here’s why Pure Global Cannabis will likely become the preeminent leader in top-quality manufacturing and branding: they have developed a proprietary grow system that combines the best-practices of hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, and integrated this system with world-class commercial agriculture methodologies.

Said differently, they can yield more than 3x the product of a similar footprint without pesticides or herbicides.

This type of state-of-the-art production mechanism is critical for medical clients, who want the absolute best, which is why I see the potential for this company to become one of the leading exporters in the world in the next five years.

Malay is doing the right thing right now, understanding that the big money is in the oil concentrates, building a brand name, and unique designs, so clients instantly recognize the quality.

Wealth Research Group sees this as the opportunity to be an early-stage investor with a stock that has the potential to reach the billion-dollar mark. Today, the market cap is a mere CAD$50M.

Take a look:

Out of the 36 public companies we combed through, the average market cap is CAD$975M, yet because Pure Global Cannabis has only started trading a number of days ago, its entire growth is ahead of it. 

It is 94% cheaper than the average of its peers.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Consider shares of Pure Global Cannabis (TSX-V: PURE) NOW!

** We will issue an alert as soon as a U.S. ticker is available. Many U.S.-based and EU-based brokerage firms have the means to place orders on the Canadian ticker. In some cases, it requires a phone call to complete the trade. **

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

Legal Notice:
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