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I Believe We’ve Seen the Bottom

If I’m reading investor behavior correctly, I believe we have seen the bottom. Before I get into my TOP FIVE reasons, as to why I think the worst is behind us and stabilization might be ahead, I want to address the importance of sharing research, insights and thoughts and letting others critique it through the prism of their biases.

In a small village outside of Florence, Italy, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy occurred and a boy was born in the year 1452. His father was a notary, but because the child was a bastard, he was free to pursue any vocation he wanted, instead of following in his father’s footsteps, which was customary at the time.

His father encouraged the boy to explore the hills, fields and vineyards nearby, so he developed a love of nature and an inquisitive mind.

The father soon realized the boy was a talented artist and did something that I believe many of us, in looking for our dream careers, should practice… he showed the portfolio of works to others, asking their “opinions” of the drawings.

The father showed it to Andrea Del Verrocchio, a famous artist at the time, and he praised the boy’s talent and asked him to be his apprentice.

Under the patronage of the Medici banking family, Florence residents who showed promise gained the finances needed to express their souls…The Renaissance was born.

This boy, named after the small village in which he was born (since his last name couldn’t be of his father), was Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of all time.

Art was only a fraction of his accomplishments, as he designed prototypes of the airplane, helicopter, diving suit, military tank, satellite maps and parachutes of today.

He dissected over 30 human corpses, as well as many animals and was an anatomy pioneer, a dentistry genius and it was, of course, Leonardo Da Vinci who drew the Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa, as well as The Last Supper.

He kept notes, and even though the world has only managed to hang onto 24 of his original paintings, 7,000 of the 13,000 pages from his diaries have survived, so we know a great deal about his adventures of the mind.

The problem is that these diary entries were not published until over a century later, and many had not seen the light of day until recently.

Some of the inventions that humanity never got to see and learn from could have advanced society forward by decades and centuries, but their potential benefits did not see the light and the public never enjoyed their brilliance for decades and centuries after his death.

When I’m asked why I love researching and publishing my findings, I answer that because maybe one person, a single soul, will be inspired by these and will greatly benefit from them, and that will be my legacy and the mark I leave.

Unpublished insights are useless, but those shared on a grand scale have weight and bearing on the fate of the world.

When I analyzed Powell’s two-day testimony in front of the Senate last week, I saw that Powell will never be like Volcker, which was a big relief for markets. Secondly, I noticed for the first time that politicians understood they have a role in slowing inflation and preventing a recession.


The markets are entering their best two-week period of the calendar year and the amount of short covering this week and the next could be epic.

Save for a Black Swan event, which could send markets down (but that is always true), it’s time to be an aggressive buyer of quality companies.

The bottom might already be set.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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