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A Rug Pull –
Housing is Next to Completely CRASH


I love basketball. Ever since my father, who was 6’6” (1.97m) and now is more like 6’4” (1.92m), enrolled me into training and practice when I was six, it has been my primary sport.

Between the ages of six and 10, I was learning the craft, developing my ball-handling and shooting skills.

Between the ages of 10 and 17, I was competing in the league against others my age. Until the day I stopped, shortly before high school graduation and being mandatorily drafted to serve three years with the IDF, basketball was a daily activity.

Since 1991 (age six) I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs, even though it meant waking up at 2 AM for the Eastern Conference games (Michael Jordan, LeBron James and others) and 4 AM for the Western Conference ones (Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Steph Curry and others).

The NBA playoffs are not exciting because of the level of performance, but because of the mental effort required to become world champions.

This is the real joy for me… to watch incredibly gifted athletes take their game into a mental finesse called “The Zone.”

If you’re not a basketball fan, think of “The Zone” like you would seeing a stand-up comedian “killing it,” where he is so attuned to the audience that they cannot stop laughing, no matter what the comic is saying.

It’s what the Formula 1 driver calls the “marriage of man and machine,” when his every move is instinctual and effortless, not methodical and delayed. He “feels” the car with full confidence, rather than “analyzing” the car and trying to adjust it, which adds a few tenths of a second to his lap, and makes the difference between hitting the wall and going first through the checkered flag, realizing the childhood dream of becoming a world champion.

That “thing,” that miraculous and elusive mindset, is called instinctive inspiration.

You are either able to clear the mind of all doubts, fears and pessimism, filling it with deep and dominating thoughts of integrity, faith, poise and power, largely based on faith in the immutable laws of personal potential and growth, or you aren’t.

One way to judge whether or not you are acting at a frequency that is inspired by the right thing to do, with that pinnacle of inspiration, is by gut instinct. You feel that you’re advancing and helping all who come in contact and close proximity with you.

You sense advancement in the way of win-win. Your every thought and action betters the world and your place within it.

Jerome Powell was in “The Zone” in 2020. He saw what was needed and took action, irrespective of what his so-called able advisors and millions of critics suggested.

Right now, he is turning political and academic in his attempts to react to logic and textbook central banking, and it’s FAILING.

The markets are losing their conviction that he is up to the task and he also might be shaken in his belief.

He just flip-flopped again and changed his tune, regarding the pace of rate hikes.

In May, we will see a 0.50% hike, and if nothing crazy happens, we’ll get another 0.50% hike.

The bear market in the S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ 100 is shining an undeniable light on commodities.

Gold, silver, copper, lithium, uranium and zinc are IN THE ZONE.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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