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It’s Now Headed to Middle Class America

For hundreds of millions of years, the Earth was solely dominated by sea creatures, like sponges, worms and jellyfish and living on dry land, outside of the water habitat, was considered to be IMPOSSIBLE and probably as inconceivable as living on Mars does to us today.

We haver no clue what was the catalyst that drove one creature to venture into the unknown, into the domain of the surface of the earth, a feat that cannot be explained or be logically detailed, but must have been made out of sheer inspiration to evolve and see the new frontier.

Over 400 million years ago, one creature started the next stage of life’s evolution on this planet.

Once he showed it was possible, others followed and before too long, plants and animals roamed the earth and colonized it, but there was still one more ecosystem yet to be developed.

Scientists attempt to explain it, but their efforts fall short; how did wings come from the wingless?

What purpose did wings serve, since they created insects, pterosaurs, bats and birds that could fly in the air, where there is no water or food.

Try as they might, the scientific class must face the notion that life happens out of instinct and that nature is able to create out of its own intelligence. I have often imagined the first tree inspect that attempted to jump and glide over to another tree, until his will inspired the first set of wings.

After that, millions of new species came to be, buzzing over our eyes and spreading across the world.

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    Life is a magic that can’t be dismissed with the cold brush of evolutionary charts, but must be evaluated, as Einstein said, as either a great miracle or as nothing at all.

    We often think about the troubles of our times as the worst the human race has ever seen and build a gloomy and dark picture in our minds and hearts, but the future is going to be incredible for the race, as a whole.

    Just like in the animal kingdom, growth and prosperity don’t come without extinction to the things we’ve outgrown.

    Habits that we know that are beneath us are ones we say goodbye to, if we want to replace them with new ones and those that operate under those lesser habits will fall of the wayside because they hold the rest of us back.

    ZIRP, or Zero Interest Rate Policy, was a bad habit. Government and central bank backstopping and propping up of the economy birthed an inner sense of invincibility and made us naïve and indifferent to risks.

    Those that lowered their guard and got caught in the bubble will have to pay the price of greed and see their bored apes JPG “assets” be marked 99.9% below their hyped prices and so will many other companies, houses and bonds.

    Salaried employees, who received way more compensation than their contribution justified will see their bonuses compressed, if they don’t excel and businesses will see their worth deflate, if they don’t expand into their artificial value.

    The Zero Interest Rate bubble is being publicly executed and just like in the Middle Ages, I voluntarily choose to watch it happen.

    It should have never happened in the first place and I think that in the next 6-8 months, the real distress of liquidity, bankruptcies, defaults and layoffs will accelerate to a point that President Biden won’t be able to look the data in the eye and claim that it’s not really a recession.

    Green pastures await on the other side of the reset, but first, we must pay for the ZIRP sins, as a society.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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