Clear Outperformance of Gold Spot Price, Gold Miners, Explorers, and Developers

Holy Grail Precious Metals Investing

Gold investors are depressed, frustrated, annoyed, and disappointed with the underperformance of silver, mostly, over the course of the low-interest-rates and the monetary expanding period, launched by central banks after the 2008 crisis.In

Instead of creating a situation, where inflation is rampant and commodities soar, we’ve seen inflation tamed and tech stocks crushing the index, especially growth companies, such as the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google).

But, one strategy, deployed by a unique group of companies, has resulted in an outstanding performance, with far less risk, all the while paying dividends.

Wealth Research Group sees real assets, commodities, becoming an essential component of portfolios in the cycle, which is now starting.

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