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In every ocean, near coastal and rocky shorelines, in the turquoise topics, in the freezing poles and in the dark deep blue, the world’s most widespread creature, after human beings, lurks in pods.

Referred to by many names, such as blackfish, killer whale and others, the orca is the ocean’s apex predator. The Latin word for it is Orcinus Orca, or god of the underworld and champion of death.

It spares nothing, hunting fish, seals, sea lions and even humpback whales and great white sharks.

The trauma that a pod of orcas inflicts upon great whites sends them fleeing from their territory for up to a full year. When the orcas set their sights on the shark, they rush-bump it, ramming into its side, stunning it. Next, they flip it over, causing its balance and buoyancy to falter. They literally paralyze it and the only thing they’re after is the liver, which they extract with near-surgical precision.

Orcas have been spotted creating waves in the poles, beneath floating ice, where seals harbor and seek safety from the orca pod. They hunt in groups of up to 50-strong and coordinate with military-like discipline.

Despite many misconceptions, the orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. The big ones can reach 9 meters in length and 10 tons in weight – similar to a school bus.

Their evolution into current form is designed for speed and, indeed, they reach up to 35 MPH, the 2nd fastest marine mammal!

While the movie Jaws focused on the bite of great white sharks, which measures 27.5 megapascals, the orca bites 5X harder.

In recent years, expeditions in Norway and other regions offer tourists the chance to swim in the oceans with them and I plan on doing this adventure myself soon, but I want to explain to you why gold can’t be deterred, suppressed, or manipulated down once the tides turn.

In 1985, Argentinian scientists recorded a specific pod of transient orcas, intentionally beaching themselves by surfing a wave, reaching the unsuspecting seals at shore, then arching their bodies and stationing in parallel to the waves, until they’re able to return to the waters with their catch.

This unique pod, 30-strong, has been training for years and still, to this day, only 13 of them have been able to successfully utilize this strategy.

For an orca to sense the weight of his body outside of the water must be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world; it carries great risk with it, and yet, they do it and teach their offspring this hunting skill.

Relentless training year after year brings results, and being willing to go well outside your comfort zone is a huge part of it.

In 2022, Wall Street will have to go to the deep end and put client funds into gold, which performs well in times of risk-off mentality and successive rate hikes.

Gold is the apex predator of the fiat monetary system and it will get its meal in 2022.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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