The End of the Silver Manipulation Scheme of Deutsche Bank Signals the Meteoric Rise of Silver in 2017!

This company is leveraging the silver bull market to the max, and we want to partner up with the best at the epicenter of Mexico.

This is Lior Gantz, of Wealth Research Group, and you may have read our coverage of 12 resource companies in 2016 that made headlines. The reason is that 4 of them gained more than 300%, 2 of them more than doubled in price, and 6 others had an average gain of over 50%.

Many weren’t prepared for the 2016 silver bull market, and this recent admission of guilt of silver price fixing and heavy fines placed on large banks have caused investors to notice that silver is the only precious metal that is priced considerably lower than historical valuations.

The one silver exploration company to own in 2017 is

Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & OTC: SLVRF)!

With this company, the potential is in the people and the aggressive growth strategy that is far beyond anything peer silver companies have in place. The difference is in the caliber and abilities of the people.  Exploration companies that are destined for greatness share the following key components that I have found over the years:

1. Correct Timing

The time to form new mining companies is at depths of bear markets and the early stages of bull markets, where asset prices are still cheap, access to capital is more flexible, and the top people are making themselves available for new opportunities.

Silver One has this part checked: it formed in August 2016, only a few months into what is now becoming a multi-year silver bull market.

The most important financial event of 2016 was exposing the fraud committed by big banks when they manipulated the price, and Deutsche Bank had to admit to fixing both gold and silver prices. Because of this, it’s now going to become much harder to fix prices and create sudden leveraged panic paper selling, and with the increased oversight and government agencies watching the screens with a careful eye, this could be the year silver is finally re-priced at at least $35 per ounce.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the true price of silver, if measured by amount of U.S. dollars in circulation, is just above $1,000.

2. Proven Management

I would, without a doubt, put this at the top of my list of the most critical go or no-go bottlenecks for making an investment. In the resource business, there’s a methodology to achieving success and increasing shareholder value, and management and leaders make decisions every day that directly affect our money.

  • Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & OTC: SLVRF) has Greg Crowe as president and CEO.
    This is the same person who led Entrée Gold Inc. from early-stage exploration (like SVE is today) to advanced development, joint-venturing with giants like Rio Tinto and Turquoise Hill Resources.
  • Luke Norman, the chairman, is the co-founder of Gold Standard Ventures, a company we profiled in July 2016 that doubled in less than 2 weeks.
    From a geological perspective, I have never personally invested in any exploration company in which the head geologist hasn’t made significant discoveries, and I am not about to start now.
    You should make sure to never compromise on this matter – the lead geologist has to actually be experienced with the full process of discovering an economic deposit.
  • Now, with Silver One, Raul Diaz has 35 years of experience. He has found several mines in Mexico, where these projects are, and he knows the people well, as he comes from First Mining Finance, who is the largest SVE shareholder.
  • On top of these, the synergy with First Mining Finance is strengthened even more with the advisory role of Chris Osterman, who is CEO of First Mining Finance (TSX-V: FF).

World-Class Exploration Projects

The third component is paramount. To understand why we treat this company as the most leveraged stock for playing this bull market, you need to study the 3 major projects and the potential they possess.

The best type of property to acquire is the one that comes with a higher degree of certainty, and that is La Frazada.

I’ve studied the historic results of past exploration programs, as well as, in this particular case, many conversations with the previous company that owned this property, and it is a potential high-reward asset.


There are a number of unique attributes to this flagship project, and the location of it is the main one. That should get you excited.

Consider shares of
Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & OTC: SLVRF)
as the leveraged silver exploration stock to own!

The company’s second property is also endowed with impressive historical results.

The drill holes clearly point out the fact that the management has done a phenomenal job at picking the right assets to explore.

The third property sits at the heart of a historic silver region. Mexico is the top producing silver country in the world, and the mining industry is incredibly important.

It is one of Keith’s main defining early judgement calls to stay focused on Mexico that made shareholders — who trusted his business sense and discipline — richer.

I have seen the figures from the work that has been done previously on this project, and the potential is lucrative – and that’s an understatement.

This is not an exploration company, per se – it’s an aggressive silver hoarder, with the people in place to create a well-executed acquisition action plan and conduct a perfectly budgeted drilling program on the 3 projects the company owns.

Immediately consider shares of
Silver One Resources (TSX-V: SVE & OTC: SVLRF)
as the top optionality play for 2017!

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