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Aug 6, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

You’re deliberately being lied to. I can assure you – the agenda is to keep critical information out of sight, so that valuable life skills never reach your conscious mind or forms key habits.

This is not a new strategy. From the dawn of civilization, power-hungry elite families and dynasties, influential organizations, such as the Catholic Church and British Aristocracy, have made a major effort to keep the masses entertained and amused, while they become wealthier, using proven conducts of business, which they didn’t share with the public.

Yes, this diversion of attention, which is a subtle force pressed upon us by society, in general, and by powerful conglomerates, specifically, is a constant threat hanging over us.

But, unlike 100 years ago, when the elite kept secret libraries full of books away from public eye, it is no longer an excuse to be used.

I launched Wealth Research Group solely for this exact reason. My cause was, is, and always will be to arm you with actionable knowledge, which results in a high-quality life experience.

You see, it’s all about habits.

In England, for example, one of the world’s most advanced nations, they still accept the concept of a monarchy, though they all know, individually, that there is no such thing in reality and never was.

No man was ever born to rule over others by the decree of god. There are managers of government that we elect, for good or bad, and there are leaders, which others choose to follow, but there are no royal people.

Yet, habits formed thousands of years ago, still allow a family to have unimaginable privileges and wealth, even though they attained them by waging wars and stepping over the average person to obtain their goals all these centuries ago.

We are creatures of habit, and the majority of people allow the multinational corporations of today to program them too easily. Then, they allow their environment to dictate how they should live, what they should eat, how wealthy they should be, how long they should live, who is good, what is allowed or forbidden, and how to behave.

In western society, we’ve been trained that males lead the way, yet in many native cultures, the elder women are most listened to, for example. In western society, insurance companies have trained people to die at 72, but in the Greek Islands, where I’m currently at, most people live to be 90 and higher. They haven’t heard about the 72-year old death plan, which profits the insurance companies.

The bottom line is this – everyone has an agenda for your life. Rarely are individuals motivated out of pure altruism, which is helping others out of love and expression of the soul.

Therefore, you must understand that it all comes down to this: You are either forming your OWN habits with regards to all aspects of your life, or you’re allowing businesses, friends, family, environment, the city and country you live in, and mainstream media to form them for you.

I choose to acknowledge the fact that 95% of people are wrong 95% of the time and to build my day, week, month, year and, indeed, my entire life, around factually based habits, gathered from experts, solely.

This means that I make the conscious effort to only do what I research and determine is efficient, no matter what my immediate circle or general environment think about it.

For example, though the marketing team at Kellogg’s has convinced the entire world that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” which is a complete hoax to sell us cereal, I researched this many years ago, and I only eat when hunger arises, not when a business says I should.

This is the best time to give the body food – when it is demanding it. It is important to differentiate between hunger, which is the natural feeling the body creates when in need of nutrients, and appetite, which is our lust for tasty foods.

At investing, for example, the technical analysts have convinced millions of people to follow unprofitable techniques, which work 60% of the time, at best, and are, therefore, not used by any billionaire investor in a meaningful fashion, to buy countless books, courses, and training, which leads to mediocre results.

These are habits, which Wall-Street pressed upon the investment community for their own good – when you use technical analysis, you place many more trades and generate much more commission fees for the brokers.

In achieving gainful employment, universities and colleges have spinned powerful habits engrained in millions, which prompt them to pay tens of thousands of dollars for useless information, which can be acquired easily, elsewhere, if needed. 

You are, at this point, the sum of your fixated habits, and Wealth Research Group’s goal is to suggest and introduce, what I believe to be, the most superior ones to adopt for maximum results.

It’s all about results, in the end. The rest is philosophizing over details.

Since the advent of the Internet, there is no excuse anymore for hanging on to unproductive behaviours. Each person can rise to his full potential because access to the best data on the planet is at our fingertips and is affordable.

The information presented in this newsletter is the result of my own research, which I conduct for my own purposes, but I share with you, since I’ve adopted the habit of paying it forward.

In today’s world, there is hardly any reason to reinvent the wheel, since the most trusted knowledge about most subjects is always one book away.

The wealth pie is big enough for all of us, be it financially, intellectually or spiritually. There’s enough wealth in the world to house every person in a mansion the size of Malibu’s most luxurious home, clothe each person with garments as fine as King Solomon’s, feed every person with fresh and wholesome ingredients, and much more.

The problem isn’t lack of money. It is lack of proper habits in the acquisition of assets and income.

Seize control of your habits by understanding, first of all, their vital significance over your results. They are, in essence, the reason for these results, be they good or unsatisfactory. The way we are programmed by nature forces us to constantly think.

First, we have passing thoughts (which just come up), and then we strengthen their frequency by believing in them and creating thought patterns. Next, we act on these thought patterns, subconsciously. Finally, we reap what we sow, as these thought patterns materialize in results.

Think about how patient you are with others, how generous, kind and courteous. Think of your mood and how fun you are to be around. Think of your habits, when it comes to productive, income-generating activities, or about how important it is to you to build relationships with others and bridge gaps, instead of widening them.

These are some of the essential habits you should be contemplating and improving upon.

I’ll be dedicating the month of August to sharing with you some of the pivotal and fundamental habits I’ve adopted, so that you can judge for yourself, whether or not, they’d be valuable for you.


Today, I want to share with you my most important investing habit. It is the source of the majority of my wealth and in the next few lines is the key to making millions of dollars, be it by you or by your family members or children, if they choose to follow it.

Reading valuable books from result-proven authors and thinking about their content, implementing immediately what they teach, is the most important money-making habit I’ve formulated over the past 18 years, since I bought my first stock at the age of 16, with the written consent of my parents, who signed a waver in front of the banker, who was shocked by my confidence level.

Even then, I knew more than the banker did, since he didn’t even read, through the course of his entire career, the few books I managed to finish that first year. The best investors know that they must keep their mental capacity sharp and their minds open to ideas, which is why they believe in the idea of being lifetime students of the industry. 

Don’t assume others, in positions of power, know more than you do. At any time, you are about 2-3 books away from being an expert in theory. In reality, turning the knowledge learned into clear habits dictates your results. It turns knowledge into manifestation.

With that, HERE‘s the best book I’ve read all year. If you read it, think about its conclusions and make use of them, you’ll make big money in the stock market.

On Tuesday, I’ll share with you the top three most important investing habits I stick with, as a matter of practical trading strategy.

Do not let the elite curve your path on this planet because they have the marketing budgets to do so. Be your own person.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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