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SOARING PROFITS: This is the One Cannabis Stock You Cannot Miss!

by | Stock Market Wealth

Stock Market Wealth

SOARING PROFITS: This is the One Cannabis Stock You Cannot Miss!

Sep 10, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

Chasing stocks is one of the worst, and yet most common strategies that investors use. Waiting for bank analysts and traditional media headlines to give you “permission” to buy a stock is like picking up pennies in front of a steam roller: you might get a little bit of room to the upside, while there’s plenty of room to the downside.

And there’s an old saying in the stock market: stairs up, elevator down. In other words, markets go down a heck of a lot faster than they go up, and if you buy a stock at the top, you’ll be in for a rough, painful, and very fast ride to the bottom.

Does this have to happen to you? Not at all, as long as you get into the right stock in a sector of the market that’s not topping out. In fact, your dreams of wealth and soaring profits can come true if you’re properly positioned with a company that’s got all the pieces of the puzzle: solid fundamentals, great leadership, and a unique product or service in a market that’s ready to buy it.

And if there’s any market right now that’s ready to buy, it’s legalized cannabis. A surge in interest among consumers in North America and worldwide has put legal marijuana in the number-one spot among growth industries. The rest of the world is watching the United States and Canada to see the progress of legalized cannabis sales, and the latest research clearly proves that the world is ready for the marijuana movement:

Courtesy of Arcview Market Research,

This is what progress looks like: from $5 billion to over $20 billion in legal cannabis spending in North America in just a few years. Stock prices are based on company sales, so if you’re looking for soaring profits in your portfolio, now is the time to take your position in the legalized cannabis trade.

Decriminalization is the key component in this flourishing industry: Canada is prepared to fully legalize marijuana use for both medicinal and adult recreational uses, and the United States is following in Canada’s footsteps. With marijuana legal for recreational use for citizens over age 21 in nine states and Washington, D.C., and for medicinal use in 30 states, there’s a sea change in public policy and it’s happening right now.

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    Since we never want to chase stocks, our strategy is to locate a company in the legalized cannabis niche that hasn’t topped out yet. It should be a company that all the analysts and talking heads on television will be praising – not now, but in the coming months. By investing in this particular company, you’ll be securing a position in tomorrow’s big winner in the cannabis space.

    That company is Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX-V:PURE, OTC:PRCNF), a firm that specializes in leading-edge medical and adult-use legal cannabis brands. A pharmaceutical-grade, fully licensed producer of cannabis, Pure Global Cannabis is dedicated to developing new and innovative brands and products for discerning consumers worldwide.

    What we like about Pure Global Cannabis is that their highly experienced team has raised around $15 million for the company to date – and we also like their advanced multi-ponic grow system that produces several-fold greater yields over traditional grow methods while reducing cost and eliminating pesticide/herbicide use.

    The Global Cannabis Wealth experts only recommend superior stocks, and PURE/PRCNF is easily our number-one pick of the year in the legalized cannabis market. With a proven methodology for building and financing a diverse portfolio of industry-leading companies, Pure Global Cannabis Inc. has enormous growth potential at an attractive valuation compared to its peers:

    Courtesy of Pure Global Cannabis Investor Presentation

    There’s no need to chase expensive stocks when PURE/PRCNF is just starting its journey to the top. And with their PureSince facility set to expand to 41,000 square feet and produce 8,000 kilograms of legal cannabis product per year in Q1 of 2019, Pure Global Cannabis Inc. is fully prepared to dominate the market in the near future.

    CEO and Founder Malay Panchal has built a fantastic team, and he is leveraging his 20+ years of experience in pharma B2B technology, retail and mail-order pharmacy, pharma branding, and clinical trials to make Pure Global Cannabis Inc. a value-added investment for the new era of marijuana decriminalization and a movement that is creating wealth and changing lives for the better.

    Mr. Panchal and his expert team are bringing this company to the forefront of a movement that simply cannot and will not be stopped. The upside potential is tremendous, and that’s why Global Cannabis Wealth wholeheartedly recommends Pure Global Cannabis Inc. and shares of PURE/PRCNF as a secure investment in the emerging legalized cannabis market.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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