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My 16 Principles For Life-Long Wealth and Prosperity

In order to succeed in today's world, you have to THINK, not just do. Many of the top-paying professions include the need to lead others, make key decisions and be technologically savvy.

December 2018: 4 Big Brands, Rebound Trading

The FED has over-tightened and now the markets are going nuts. December 2018 is teaching us that interest rates matter a lot. I expect the FED to pause on hiking and perhaps wait, before resuming easing by mid-2019.

2nd Passports: An Expatriating Guide

Getting out from underneath the thumb of the United States government is not as easy as one may think. But if you’re considering retiring in another country, starting a business from home, or simply planning to escape the U.S., this guide will help you understand which countries are welcoming and affordable.

The ULTIMATE Reset Guide: Be Ready for ANYTHING

It’s hard to imagine what our world and society will look like after the global economic reset, but one thing is for certain: you should be prepared for anything.

THE TRUMP TAKEOVER: Washington Politicizes The FED!

Some of you might be old enough to remember a time when the Federal Reserve was a powerful and feared institution: the tall, imposing figure of Paul Volcker comes to mind, along with 10-year T-note yields at 15 percent and real talk of fiscal discipline.


In Canada, cannabis is already legal. In the U.S., many states have already legalized use for medical purposes, recreational purposes, or both; but in the Eurozone, a market that has a projected size of CAD$66B by 2020, the cannabis industry is like the U.S. in 2013!

DEEP STATE 2019: A New Generation of Scandalous Manipulation

The year is young, but the storm is already brewing: just when you thought elitist corruption couldn’t possibly hit a new low, 2019 came along and set the bar even lower for next-level backdoor criminal activity.

RETIREMENT DOOM AND SAVINGS GLOOM: Americans are Unprepared and Unaware!

A secure and comfortable quality of life after 40 or 50 years of hard work was once practically a guarantee in America, but the American Dream of retirement is now dead and gone. You can’t count on the government to provide a safety net anymore, so we have to fend for ourselves, which is a setup for certain disaster and widespread financial panic.

ONLINE U.S. BROKERS GUIDE: Top Firms – Complete Manual

I receive many requests for guidance on finding an online broker in the U.S., and especially a broker that allows residents of the United States to buy American OTC (over-the-counter) stocks. This is an important topic because you don’t want to miss out on all of the incredible opportunities in American and Canadian small-cap companies.


The idea of working hard, staying loyal to your employer for 40 years, and retiring comfortably at age 65 is a nice thought – and it made sense in previous generations, when pension plans, Social Security, and other safety nets could be counted on to support us and reward us for all the years we contributed to the system.

TRUMP VS. POWELL: The Race to Find the Perfect Scapegoat

Watching the U.S. President and Chairman of the Federal Reserve go head to head is a highly unusual spectacle in American history.


Precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have done an amazing job of retaining their value over the years. Generation after generation, irrespective of which politicians are in power at the moment, gold and silver have proven themselves time and again as stable stores of value and the ultimate forms of money.

WATCH LIST: Ultimate Groups of Stocks

In pursuit of the ultimate watch-list, it’s tempting to chase after the latest media darlings while ignoring tried-and-true dividend kings with solid fundamentals. While it’s fine to take small positions in volatile stocks, for consistent income my bread and butter is a selection of bluechips whose shares I grab when they’re on sale.

TRUMP ERA: The New America

The Trump presidency has seen controversy and divisiveness like no other in at least the past several generations.

Historic Gold/Silver Ratio: The Whole Truth

Precious metals, and especially gold and silver, have done an amazing job of retaining their value over the years. Generation after generation, irrespective of which politicians are in power at the moment, gold and silver have proven themselves time and again as stable stores of value and the ultimate forms of money.

Zero Hour: The Dollar’s Days are Numbered

The world’s reserve currency; that’s what the talking heads in the traditional media have been calling the U.S. dollar for decades. While certain events may have artificially held the dollar in a dominant position in the past, the dollar’s future hangs in the balance, and current conditions won’t allow it to retain its prominent position for much longer.

USD Collapse: The Only Thing That Can Bring the Mighty Buck Down

What the heck happened to the middle class in America? When and how did the American Dream die?! These are often-asked and perfectly legitimate questions that deserve answers from our political leader and media talking heads – but of course, they have no answers for us.

Domestic Cancer: America’s Biggest Challenge

America is as divided as it has ever been, even going back to the Civil War. Political and economic ideologies have caused strife among the citizens, gridlock in the government, and a nation that is susceptible to self-destruction. It’s a new era in which we’re under siege, but not from foreign nations: we’re the victims of our own divide-and-conquer proclivities.

Become Wealthy by Learning Straight From the Billionaires

It’s pretty unbelievable if you think about it: most schools force students to learn obscure facts and equations, yet they teach us almost nothing about financial education. Knowing how to manage your money is the key in today’s world – it provides security, freedom, and a higher standard of living.

Risk Management: Operating in the Bear Market

One thing you can be sure of is that WHEN the positive triggers, impacting the rally performance of both the USD index against other major currencies and precious metals, and the performance of U.S. stocks against bonds, will be finally exhausted and worn-out, the bounce in prices, which will be exhibited by gold, silver, and several other key commodities, will be magnificent.

Mineral Royalties: All the Upside, Eliminating the Downside

Even the most talented management teams can’t control what the price of gold is doing or what the Federal Reserve will do next, nor can they determine when investors will shift from buying expensive tech stocks to finally start seeing the value in cheap mining shares.

Yield Armageddon: Bonds Bear Market

The worst time to own bonds is now. In the environment we’re entering, both bond prices and the coupon payments they pay will erode by higher inflation rates and normalized interest rates. The silent killer, inflation, will kill your fixed-income portfolio, especially as a retiree.

Upfront, Mid-Way and In The End: Big Real Estate Profits

In order for an opportunity to arise, you must find a buyer with a steady income and cash for a down payment, but can’t qualify for a traditional loan on the one hand. Then, you want to find a homeowner, who is attempting to sell, but can’t since he is pricing it for top-dollar, and the market is not making offers at that price.

Juiced Up: The Last Year of Huge Profits This Decade!

I’ve read and listened to most of the world’s highly successful investors and businessmen for the past 18 years – the most common traits they share are their fear of losing capital, their need to be humble, and becoming a student of the markets in order not to suffer a catastrophic loss.

Wealth Formula: Financial Independence Plan of Attack

Crash Blueprint

There’s a severe problem with today’s monetary system, and it originates with the flawed view that government-issued debt currency can act as a stable means of exchange and value. Dollars, euros, yens, and pounds are, in essence, without worth, except for the perceived value attached to them by uneducated masses. Nonetheless, at some point they all return to ZERO. All investors and savers need a plan that accounts for the option of a complete system reset: a master plan.

Cryptocurrencies: Intrinsic Value, Future Prices, and Immediate Threats

King’s Wealth: Parabolic Profits in the World’s Frontier Market

Under the Radar Deals: Quick, No-Money-Down Profits

Cryptocurrencies: The Future of Financial Technology Birth of Digital Money

Safe Havens: Combining the World’s Ultimate Chaos Hedges

Cannabis Legalization: The Dam Has Burst

Futurepreneurs: Leveraging the Future Positioning Now!

InsiderPreneurship: Underground Wealth Secrets & Strategies

Targeted Buyouts: The Next Wave of Gold Riches

Steroid Stocks: Digging for Profits

The 2017 Gameplan: 365 Global Wealth Portfolio

Fortressing: Making Retirement A Reality Again

Fortressing: Building Your Own Economy for Retirement

Retirement in the Western World is a hoax. What was once the dream of honest, hardworking people has become a nightmare. Zero and negative interest rates have destroyed any likelihood of funding a comfortable retirement. Massive debts accumulated by governments overhang like a dark cloud over your sense of financial security.

Put the government and all its problems in the rear-view mirror by implementing a plan of action that will fortify you economically no matter what is happening around you.

Ages 20 – 35

Ages 35 – 55

Ages 55+

Debt Crisis and Central Banks Experimental Policies

Shorting Stocks: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Resource Bull Market Mania

Essential Resource Shortage: Zinc’s Massive Potential

Radiating Gains: Uranium’s Core Role in the Energy Future

Monster of Commodities: 21st Century China

Principles of Investing Success


Defying conventional wisdom: that’s the hallmark of a market prophet, and it’s what few people are willing or able to do, especially as markets get overhyped and the government-owned press refuses to expose the cracks in the foundation.

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