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This Decade is Going to be Brutal

Galileo Galilei is the greatest astronomer ever. The Italian genius didn’t take anything for granted. In his day, scientists worshipped Aristotle, the ancient Greek maverick, who made such claims as that the Earth is the center of the universe and that everything revolves around it.

Galileo wanted proof; he had heard about Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory of a heliocentric model, in which the Earth revolves around the sun, and set about seeing who was right.

Before perfecting the first powerful telescopes, Galileo was fascinated with the movement of pendulums. His scientific tests and experiments proved that no matter the distance you swing it, it takes the same time for it to cross. His discovery helped in creating pendulum clocks, from which originated the broad accessibility of timekeeping and a faster pace of life.

Ultimately, these birthed the opportunity to create work shifts, without which the Industrial Revolution would have been more difficult to accomplish.

One little obsession, that of the movement of pendulums, brought the world so much good.

He didn’t stop there and proved to onlookers that Aristotle’s assumption that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones wasn’t true either, by conducting experiments at the Tower of Pisa.

But, the crown jewel of his scientific contribution to the world was improving the telescope, a Dutch invention. Though they became popular with the Venetian sailing ships, to which Galileo sold them, his eyes were focused on the sky, not the sea.

He was the first human to see that the lunar surface wasn’t perfect and was made up of many canyons, and he even drew them…

He then spotted that Jupiter had four moons and that Venus changed, just like the moon did, concluding the Venus must revolve around the Sun and that the Earth must follow the same orbit.

His claims weren’t accepted by the Roman Catholic Church, since in their minds, he completely contradicted the Bible. In 1633, this one-of-a-kind mind of Galileo Galilei was sentenced to life-long house arrest, which he spent at his villa, before dying nine years later, in 1642.

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    In 1992, THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY years later, the Pope apologized to Galileo Galilei and admitted the Church was wrong.

    Authoritarian entities must project an aura of omniscience and rarely will they concede and celebrate being wrong and erroneous, proclaiming to the world that the truth has been found and that we can move on from darkness to light, from living in the corridors of rumors and into the great halls of exactness.

    The same thing is happening today in America; the administration is blaming the Federal Reserve for inflation and the FED is asking the government for help and claims that Washington is acting too slowly, but they’re both missing the point.

    The inflationary and semi-stagflationary trends we’re seeing are only beginning.

    China, just like in the Ming Dynasty, is closing its borders again. It doesn’t want to be the producer of goods for the rest of the world and global supply chains that have been set in stone for decades.

    Whether you like it or not, prices of goods will remain higher for a while and shortages will not be an anomaly as in the past, but something we’ll deal with.

    Just like the time of Galileo, HUGE CHANGES are happening and a closed mind will miss them!  

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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