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Jul 24, 2018 | Stock Market Wealth

Each one of us lives an incredibly rich internal existence. We all talk to ourselves from the moment we are born until the moment we pass on. As I walked the streets of Seattle this past week, and every time I spend time in big cities’ downtown area, honestly, I think about how big our world is and how billions of Asians are sleeping when we’re awake, and vice versa.

Our planet is such a diverse system, now populated with 7.6 billion people. In 12 years, this number is set to reach 8.6 billion. In my lifetime, hopefully, in 32 years, as I’ll celebrate my 64th birthday, there will be close to 9.8 billion people walking planet earth.


Though there are 7.6 billion individual thinking centers walking our planet, it seems that most don’t do their own thinking, allowing either the collective mind or their environment to dictate their worldview.

You see, apart from each person’s own thoughts, which dictate his habits, which, in turn, dictate his actions and the inevitable results he gets, we are all influenced by our ancestors’ thoughts.

In North America, the amounts of food and drink, which are thrown daily into trashcans, for example, could feed the world over, yet in this land of abundance, where 330 million reside, food is a disease, not a blessing, for many.

As I walk into the giant grocery stores, the selection is remarkable, but filled with foods of the past as well. Sugar, for example, isn’t needed for our bodies. Our digestive system has been designed by nature to absorb and dissimilate mostly fruits and vegetables. It requires carbs in a lesser amount, protein and certain fats, but it has no use for sugar.

Our appetite for many food items originate from the days of hunting, gathering, and surviving – a stage, which is long gone. Every person, who realizes that the collective mind, the residue of our species on his own psyche is what pushes him to overeat, is born from the fear of our forefathers to eat sugar for its massive calorie count in times when food was scarce.

Many other things our minds accentuate as threats are not really that anymore.  

Because of these subconscious thoughts, which are granted access to our conscious minds, we act in ways, which we know better than to do.

They overdramatize reality. In 2018, the world is far less nerve-wracking than it seems to you, but it will require much effort to rid the mind of these thought habits, which have been there for thousands of years.

The best thing, you can do, is to take control of your mind, so that your attitude becomes adjusted to reality, not your idea of it.

To achieve that, I’ve stopped watching mainstream media altogether. I train my mind to be calm, poised, patient, flexible, and sharp; I read books, quality ones.

I treat my brain like a closely guarded castle, which only allows value to enter and banishes any form of treason from within – all unproductive thoughts are disregarded, as if they never were, since I know they are not mine, but residues of DNA from the past.

Books feed the mind with knowledge and nourish it. The luckiest day of your life is the day you can accept the world as perfect, but not complete.

This will be the day you lose the need to find faults in others, to blame anyone for anything, or to judge. These needs will be gone and will be replaced with one goal – to lead a great life, for you will know that nothing is wrong, in reality, except how you view the world.

It’s perfect, but not COMPLETE!

Stay clear of all negativity because you’ll miss out on opportunities. The world is advancing at speeds, which we’re not accustomed to. While here, in Seattle, I learned about the origins of this city, which 120 years ago, was financed, almost entirely, by taxes collected from a Madame, who employed close to 1,200 female providers of adult entertainment.

Today, Seattle has far more advanced forms of business, which satisfy loftier human needs than the lusts of the flesh. Amazon, for example, allows products and services to travel across the globe. Microsoft connects us with the world, allowing me to reach you. Boeing is building airplanes, which are now capable of flying for 17 hours straight, making a trip from London to Australia a reality.

What used to take two weeks in rough seas, now takes one flight, served with foods, drinks, entertainment, and an air-conditioned environment.

All of these companies are located here.

I flew over the entire region in a single-engine plane, which I piloted, going over the downtown area, Bill Gates’ home, the Boeing factory, the original Starbucks, the original Amazon building, the epic Mt. Rainier, and the beautiful evergreen trees. In the cockpit, along with my wife and daughter, looking from above at the wealth below – at million dollar homes, countless cars, yachts, boats, ferries, commercial buildings, businesses, and people, you get a different perspective of life.

This is precisely what you must do as well.

Un-attach yourself from this hyped drama the world is trying to “sell” you on. We’re doing much better than we think and yet, like a perfect recipe for a gourmet dinner, the chef isn’t done yet. So far, what he has been cooking is perfect, but not complete. Looking at his dish at this point isn’t impressive, because he has not finished his work, but it is perfect up to the stage he has reached.

Look at your own life in this way. Wherever you find yourself is perfect, but not complete. There is absolutely nothing to regret, dwell over or be sad about, since it’s perfect, but you have not completed the work. 

By nourishing the body correctly, you give yourself the opportunity to live longer, see your family develop and prosper, and enjoy more time on this planet. By nourishing your intellect with books, knowledge, and productive communication with others, you are in a position to obtain skills, which will be valuable to others and will enrich your finances. By nourishing the soul, by being generous and loving, you allow yourself the attainment of happiness.

Most people know very little and can mostly damage you, not contribute to you, so guard your mind against their influence by being polite to them, but on guard from their bullshit. They don’t know differently.

Stay clear of the past – live now, build your financial fortress, so that you can enjoy life, on your own terms, by embracing reality, not other people’s misperception of it.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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