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Success Clues Part 3

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Personal Finance

Success Clues Part 3

Jul 3, 2016 | Personal Finance

In order to become wealthy, we have said in Part 1 and Part 2 that you must begin to think wealthy. One of the traits of a wealthy individual is having a mind that is focused on goals. Any thought that isn’t centered on his goals or his plans of action is spent on gratitude.

Ray Dalio was a golf caddy for Wall Street executives when he fell in love with investing. Bridgewater Associates started from his 2-bedroom apartment in 1975, and now manages more money than any other fund in the world.

Ray is an avid reader and researcher of truth. Warren Buffett says about himself that he reads about 8 hours per day, and that his net-worth could have been much higher if he could read faster. The wealthy spend so much time reading. It is because they understand that what you don’t know can hurt you, and life is a never-ending learning process. This is a humbling state of mind to possess, and it keeps you alert.

machineWhat Ray says

“Nature is a machine. Economics is a machine. The life cycle is a machine.”

WRG interpretation

This is the most powerful of all of his quotes, and the core reason of Ray’s net-worth that puts him in the top 50 richest people on earth. Ray strives to find out how things work – what causes certain things to happen. Then, he creates a model he calls “The Machine” out of any chain of events that he was able to systematically work out. This is the best way to avoid recurring mistakes. By studying monetary policies throughout the ages, he came to this conclusion:”If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.” He also said without hesitation that Warren Buffett is making a huge mistake on gold.

What Ray also says

“Constantly probe the people who disagree with you, and encourage them to probe you.”

WRG interpretation

Open dialogue with people — without cynicism — helps you understand the way others view things. This is very important part of becoming wealthy. When you are able to understand what drives others, you will become able to inspire them. It is utterly impossible to become wealthy on your own – it requires teamwork. Look inside yourself, and make sure your attitude towards others is one of open-mindedness, flexibility, and fondness. In my personal experience, I have found that the best way to master the art of fruitful relationships is to always search for win-win situations, no matter what.

These three individuals have been able to conquer the world of investing. By studying them, the Wealth Research Group team has been able to beat the markets every year since our foundation, and more importantly, we have built key relationships in the resource sector, which we personally believe has begun a historic bull market in January 2016, and that’s the reason for our Members-Only Steroid Stocks Email Blaster. It takes weeks and months to research companies, since only a few are true winners. When we unveil a resource company destined for legendary returns, we alert by email only, so make sure you are subscribed.

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