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by Apr 15, 2019Stock Market Wealth

Strap on your seat belts, because American Pacific (CSE: USGD & US: USGDF) just made a huge announcement; on a scale of 1 to 10, this is a perfect 100.

As I write this, the stock is actually getting HAMMERED, beaten to a pulp (down as much as 19.6%), probably by traders that bought shares, starting in early January, when shares were, literally, dirt-cheap. Today’s unbelievable trading volume is providing them with an avenue to exit and take profits.

That’s good for them, but they’re going to REGRET this terribly, as I see it. It reminds me of the time my friend bought Ethereum for the first time, at $12 a coin, after he saw that I profiled it on the letter. The amount he devoted was only $250 because he couldn’t get the exchange to approve more than that. As Ethereum went to $84, he cashed-out at 700% gains and thanked me for a whole week. But, the truth is that at $84, he should have been doubling-up, because the price went parabolic and reached over $1,000. The price to this day is $170, which is more than 100% higher than what he sold at.

In my career, I have NEVER shaken hands with a wealthy trader, but I’ve had in-depth conversations with deep-value investors, who have conviction and it paid-off big for them. The stock is down today, but it’s a gift, not a curse, in my eyes – I’m accumulating at these levels. 

Also, gold spot price went all the way down to $1,281, which, obviously, didn’t inspire confidence with traders and they rushed-out, but gold is recovering fast, already at $1,288, so I personally expect this overwhelming selling activity to be short-lived. Frankly, it reminds me of people that are told that there is a big pile of cash at the top of the mountain and some pennies roll down the hill, so they collect them and head home, leaving the big catch to more sophisticated climbers.

Here’s what’s more important than today’s “Sell the News” fiasco – the NEWS Itself:
Warwick Smith, CEO and co-founder of the company, along with Eric Saderholm, Ken Cunningham, and the entire team, attracted a whale, a legit gold mining major, Oceana Gold, to become a JV partner!

Oceana Gold’s operating assets are located in the Philippines, New Zealand, and the United States. This company is currently trading for a market cap of $2.54B, which puts it in the top 10 biggest gold players on the planet.

Their acquisitions and joint venture departments get to review and analyze dozens of potential takeover targets.

The fact that they chose American Pacific over countless other ones, as their new focus, doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Oceana Gold has just agreed to bankroll the upcoming drilling programs at Tuscarora, the high-grade gold deposit that is 100% owned by American Pacific (US: USGDF).

At first, they’ll pour in a cool $4M and then potentially an additional $6M for up to 75% ownership of the project.

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I’ve examined Oceana’s method of operation with previous JV partners – these guys don’t waste time. You can bet that they’ll come out guns blazing, immediately putting their machinery in the ground. These guys don’t waste a second!

I expect them to go all-in, judging by past JV timelines – Oceana Gold is in the same position, as many gold majors: they must REPLACE their depleting mines with high-grade gold mines, as peak gold is coming by 2024.


By 2025, the supply is going to shrink by 50%, which means that M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) activity is about to go nuts. The majors are really in survival mode, and Eric Saderholm, president of American Pacific (who worked at Newmont in high-ranking positions for over a decade), knows exactly what type of assets the giants want, so he targeted Tuscarora.

Warwick and Eric will continue to advance this asset and, most likely, look for additional ways to position the company to attract more potential JV partners of Oceana’s caliber.

This company exists for one reason alone – to become a PERFECT acquisition target for billion-dollar gold companies that want to scoop up gold-rich mid-tiers.

Consider shares of American Pacific Gold (CSE: USGD & US: USGDF) NOW!

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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