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+32%, +38% and More All-Time Highs

The Watch Lists continue to deliver for us big time!

I am excited about what’s happening with Dropbox (DBX), which many have told me was a dead horse, but I saw the developments it was making with its various business and we profiled it in THIS Watch List, now up by +32% since the beginning of the year!

I continue to hold and my first exit station would potentially be at $40/share.

Secondly, BigCommerce (BIGC), which we profiled on May 12th at $46.41 is continuing its incredible rally and is currently up by 7% today and 39% since May 12th!

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    Third, you’ll notice that New Found Gold (NFGFF) has again hit a new-all-time high today, now up a crazy 850% since IPO!!!

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    Lior Gantz

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