If Legalization Happens,
Floodgates Could Burst

Boarding a Princess cruise in Seattle in the summer of 2018, we were headed for Alaska. Having a pilot’s license for single-engine airplanes, Alaska has always been a destination that I’d visualize flying over. The massive terrain filled with rugged nature at its extreme has been a fascination of mine ever since I traversed the Swiss and French Alps, New Zealand’s South Island or Norway’s fjords a few years earlier.

I knew that the one inevitable thing is that I must take to the air and see this gorgeous landscape from above. Once the ship hit its port destination, we chartered a helicopter and headed towards the glaciers.

It’s hard to describe the enormous sheets of ice, the vast white and blue pallets of magical frozen water. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Nothing prepared me for what came next. The masterful pilot (not me, the chopper genius) lowered us to just a few meters above the ground. He was looking for a place to land on the ice!

My heart was racing, and from the exhilaration, I couldn’t stop laughing while holding my daughter in my right hand and my wife in my left.

He gently touched the surface to make sure it is flat and solid before finally putting us safely on the glacier.

We had stood on millions of years of history. It was epic and unforgettable.

Alaska’s weather is harsh, yet thousands of people had flocked there and rushed towards it when it was rumored and later discovered that it contains lots of gold. There was no stopping speculators from capitalizing on the immense value of the minerals in its ground, even at the cost of their lives!

When the market demands a certain commodity, product, or service, there’s a global competition to fill that want and the pressure is on to build a business that can beat others in satisfying the public’s desire for a specific experience.

Entrepreneurs spend their days coming up with ways of differentiating their enterprise from that of others so they can capture a large portion of the target addressable market:

  1. They attempt to be early (first-mover advantage)
  2. They attempt to be cost-effective (cheap price advantage)
  3. They attempt to dominate (secure exclusive distribution agreements)
  4. They attempt to control scarce resources (own valuable assets)
  5. They attempt to mark up their product (build a brand name)
  6. They attempt to satisfy government regulation (comply with any and all permitting requirements)

The rewards are worth the immense effort when done right.

There was no stopping me from getting on that chopper because the demand for seeing Alaska’s wild nature was too great. Similarly, there is no stopping cannabis from becoming a massive industry because public support, scientific data and studies, political will, and business profits are far too monumental to keep the train in the station.

In my opinion, it’s a matter of when, not if further legalization occurs, and it’s a matter of how to position in order to capture the tremendous market potential.

I have made my decision on how to position, and just like that day in Alaska, my conviction is high!

The company’s CEO, Marcello Leone, has the same fire in his eyes that I have about this industry, as I see it.

Best of all, the company’s shares have come down from USD$1.16 to USD$0.60 in just the past two months. While this selling pressure has persisted, the management has been focused on the underlying fundamentals and the company had made significant strides forward.

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    BevCanna’s exclusive on-site alkaline spring water source has been independently valued at $18 million. This pristine aquifer allows the company to manufacture cannabis products and gain exposure to the upside of possible legalization at the same time as selling TRACE, its bottled water (non-cannabis) brand!

    This hybrid business model of cannabis manufacturing alongside traditional consumer packaged goods is the added diversification layer that pure cannabis companies do not possess!

    I’ve made my decision. Perform your due diligence on BevCanna Enterprises (US: BVNNF)!

    Consider the following seriously, when researching BevCanna:

    1. It owns and operates market-leading, nationally distributed house brands (TRACE) across Canada that are currently sold in more than 3,000 Canadian retailers, including 7/11, Loblaws, London Drugs, Metro, and Farm Boy, as well as online and on!

    Access to clean and natural alkaline spring water should only enhance BevCanna’s ability to reach an entirely new market of customers.

    1. BevCanna owns a world-class, 40,000-square-foot, HACCP-certified beverage facility (bottling capacity of up to 210 million bottles per annum), 315 acres of cultivatable land, beverage manufacturing equipment, and a nationally distributed plant-based mineral and alkaline in-house brand, TRACE, independently valued at nearly $40M as of January 2021

    None of this would be possible without the stamp of approval from federal and regional regulatory authorities. Getting this type of approval for a mass-scale manufacturing facility that’s able to manufacture both traditional and cannabinoid beverages could literally take years – if it gets done at all.

    BevCanna got it done, not just getting approved by Health Canada but also meeting one of the most stringent standards on the planet when it comes to quality control and transparency requirements.

    Going back to our chopper flight, after spending time in the glacier examining the crevasses and admiring the beauty, the pilot said that there was one more location he wanted us to visit, and that was an area of fresh snow that’s completely inaccessible by any other means except a helicopter.

    We couldn’t believe there was more, and certainly not something that would be exclusive to ourselves.

    BevCanna (US: BVNNF) also enjoys a pivotal exclusive agreement and much more. I will be sharing critical details with you tomorrow at 09:00 AM CST!

    Do your homework on this.

    Access the company’s corporate presentation HERE!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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