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The Fine Line between Victims And Victors

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Personal Finance

The Fine Line between Victims And Victors

Aug 7, 2016 | Personal Finance

Positive ThinkingThe greatest day of your life is the day you fix your mind on your major purpose in life and start devising a plan of action to achieve it. Being inspired by the promise of attaining your desires, the 2nd step is to connect with the right people that will put the plan in 1st gear and accelerate it into 2nd and 3rd gear. By developing a magnetic personality, the plan can progress into 4th gear, as your team will give you their best – a pleasing person always inspires others to push for their limits. What happens, though, when the team faces challenges and slams into walls (temporary setbacks)? How can you ensure they won’t become permanent?

This is where the 4th principle of long-lasting success comes in. The 4th principle requires a person to grow and find inner strengths and tap them constantly.

To do this, one must master “Controlled Optimism.”

To truly become a serial achiever that goes on from one success to another, never as a victim and always as a victor, you need to develop an inner level of consciousness that grants you access to a never-ending pool of energy and hope. This comes from understanding that life is always advancing, therefore solutions will always present themselves to you, as long as you control your state of mind, keep it optimistic, and remain ready to absorb new ideas. Remember, though, that solutions might not be what you intended them to be originally. Life is dynamic, and you must be dynamic as well to reap the full rewards it offers.

This is where your flexibility comes into play. Controlled Optimism is a way of life and a mindset that one must make his own by practice, which leads to habit.

A great thing to do is to write down a goal now, devise a plan, and assemble a group of key people to help you achieve it using your persuasive personality. Then, charge full-throttle ahead. When problems appear (and they will), control your optimism level and watch how your mind starts to come up with alternative solutions, since it is free from worry and complaint.

Controlled Optimism is the best gift you can give yourself in life, because you have to live with yourself 24 hours a day. It’s better to be full of faith than fearful and troubled with disbelief.

It is also a gift for anyone around you. Optimism nurtures hope, and this, in turn, becomes fruition.

Your confidence level will rise dramatically as you see this actually works. Then the door will be open to triumph over bigger problems. The life of a successful person is full of problems because he constantly pushes his limits. This will be your life, if you choose it. Champions choose problems since they know fulfillment is guaranteed only when one advances to new heights.

This is the fine line between victims and victors, and you have chosen the victor side.

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