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The Most Important Decision Most Never Make

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The Most Important Decision Most Never Make

May 22, 2016 | Personal Finance

Beach ChairsWealth is at the center of our business. Wealth is much more than money. Our core belief is that money, if used wisely, is the perfect tool to create the life you want. Anything that you are passionate about requires money to have or accomplish. It can be tangible items like a home, a car, a boat, or a variety of awesome “toys.” It can be great experiences like vacations, restaurants, concerts and entertainment, courses you want to take, or a variety of incredible adventures available today to us all. It can purchase books and education. It can do wonders in showing love to others by spoiling them with gifts and surprises. Money is the starting point to anything you wish to have and experience. There is nothing wrong with money itself – the way you allocate it is like a window to your soul. It shows what is truly important to you. There are only 5 choices on how to use your money. One can either:

A. Spend.
B. Save.
C. Invest.
D. Speculate.
E. Donate.

The proportion by which we all decide on a daily basis to spread money among these 5 options is our mind expressing itself.

For instance, if you value high-end luxury living, it will be reflected in your rent or mortgage payment, which will be higher than average. If you value the future, it will be reflected in your savings habits. A person that saves a lot is one who wants the safety of less problems going forward. Money is the way we are able to pay for our innate desires and express them. People that have a lot of goals to achieve get frustrated without the means to fund their desires. Hence, some very ambitious men find themselves resorting to “shortcuts.” They can’t help themselves and end up in trouble – legal or otherwise.

By understanding that how one uses money is an expression of their soul, we begin to realize how to earn more ourselves. By developing skills THAT OTHERS appreciate, one can — either as an employee, a tradesman, or as a business owner — flourish by being unselfish. Why unselfish? BECAUSE YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO DEVELOP SKILLS THAT THE MARKET WANTS. This is the great truth of the big picture. Some people get to actually develop skills they absolutely love, like professional basketball players, and some develop skills because they see the financial rewards that are possible for them at the end of the day. Thus, many of us don’t get to be professional surfers, since not all people appreciate surfing and most won’t pay to watch you surf. On the other end, people eat daily, so big salaries go to CEOs of companies that produce, organize, and distribute food products to the masses. Imagine what would happen if those CEOs didn’t perform exceptionally every day… and that’s why they earn what they do. We don’t live in this world for ourselves alone – we are part of a grand economic society, and the more we can find ways to contribute, the better for everyone. One of the best and most rewarding ways has always been the ability to organize people around a specific goal, with enthusiasm in the spirit of teamwork. In other words, leading an organization to profitability. Another highly sought-after skill is allocating capital wisely – think hedge fund investors. It’s the market that is made up of people like us that determines what’s valuable, and since the participants can change their minds often, the best thing to do is develop skills that are always in high demand, are constantly of immense value, and, most importantly, are rare to find in others. What are these skills?

Before sharing with you the skills that are your ticket to riches, you need to make a decision. It’s one decision that only a minority ever consciously make. A decision, by the way, is a commitment and comes from Latin, originally meaning, if translated to our modern way of speaking, “No plan B.” A real decision, like the one I am urging you to make NOW, is one where you burn the bridges and never look back. The way I made this decision a while ago was by coming to the conclusion that no matter how smart I thought I am, there is always something THAT GOES WRONG for me, and I realized it’s because I haven’t made the decision I am about to share with you yet.

In India, there are millions of people that live in huge garbage landfills. If you were to visit, your initial thought would be “This can’t be possible… I won’t last a minute here.” You would be surprised! People get used to odd and unbearable situations and after a while, it becomes their reality and they don’t smell the garbage anymore. Don’t let that complacency set in. Right now, most of us aren’t living the way we want. Why? It’s because we love the smell of our garbage so much that it doesn’t even bother us anymore.

The most important question in your life is “Can I reinvent myself today?” The answer is yes. Choose to be wealthy today. Choose the abundant route in life.

This isn’t as soft as it sounds, and certainly isn’t new age advice. This is the most powerful decision you will ever make, so few make it. I consider myself lucky, because my best friend made this decision and infected me with the inspiration to commit to it myself. Being wealthy is a decision you make now and it has nothing to do with your CURRENT lifestyle and financial situation, but has everything to do with your FUTURE lifestyle and financial situation.

Once you have made a decision to be wealthy, there is no going back. It’s a life-long commitment to develop yourself daily without fail, and thus anything that happens is an opportunity to conquer your old self and act wealthy.
Now, the question of your life should be “How does a wealthy person act?”

These are the skills you want to master. They are the eternal skills that are always in demand and never cease to handsomely reward.

Master these skills:

  1.  Definiteness of a major goal: focus your life on one grand achievement at all times.
  2. Patience: be flexible with people, even if you have to suffer for it. The reward is certain.
  3. Positive mental attitude: live life without getting provoked by anything.
  4. Sincerity: love truth alone and make no compromises on this.
  5. Humility: live without bragging. Without a desire for fame or recognition.
  6. Unselfishness: look for win-win only.
  7. Courtesy: always keep your composure. Never act out of character.
  8. Generosity: the power to not be envious. A quality to be glad about the success of others.
  9. Kindness: find ways to give pleasure to others. To surprise in little and big things.
  10. Honesty: your manner should be straightforward, simple and direct. Don’t be tempted towards crooked ways. Stay clean.

These qualities will open any door and create any relationship you wish to form. They lead breed advancement and make your life path joyous and result in far less friction with others.

I have the great pleasure of knowing such a man, and call him my best friend. He is in his 30s and earns more than $500,000 a year. He works less than 4 hours per day and doesn’t work on weekends. He is married and enjoys life every day.

If you think he is one of those smart, high-tech entrepreneurs, you would be mistaken. He has basic tech knowledge, but I bet if you let him run Microsoft, they would be off to the races.

Make this decision with me now. Be wealthy from this moment on.

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