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The Rare Few

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Stock Market Wealth

The Rare Few

Nov 15, 2017 | Stock Market Wealth

There are hundreds of mining companies listed on the Canadian, London, and Australian stock exchanges.

95% of them are black holes. They raise capital to explore for minerals where the success rate is close to 1 in 3,000 and they usually aren’t very mindful of the costs, so they constantly beg shareholders for more.

5% of them have potential, but most are run and managed by mediocre management teams, which simply doesn’t cut it for me, personally.

In the decade of full-time resource investing that I’ve experienced since 2007, it’s become evident to me that unless you partner with the top 10 people in mining, you are essentially gambling with your money.

Wealth Research Group has put together the complete guidebook for gold investors. In it, we highlight one business model as superior: the optionality model.

Within this niche, I have personally gotten to know Mr. Amir Adnani as one of the top 3 people I would trust with my money and my children’s money.

I recently conducted an interview with him that focused on GOLDMining Inc. (TSX-V: GOLD & OTC: GLDLF), and you can check it out HERE.

In essence, what Amir has done is incredibly unique, which is why legendary gold investors Rick Rule, Doug Casey, and Marin Katusa are major shareholders.

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Today, the company is trading at around CAD$1.40, while analysts have given it a price target of CAD$4.50, which is conservative, considering they own 24 million ounces of NI 43-101 gold resources.

The market currently values them at $7/ounce, which is outrageous, and I can easily see this changing and correcting to the industry standard of $35, which will lead to a 500% move higher from today’s price, or CAD$7.00 per share.

This is especially true if Ray Dalio’s gold prediction comes to fruition and we see the spot price at new 52-week highs.

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