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The Secret to Writing Your Own Ticket in Life

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Personal Finance

The Secret to Writing Your Own Ticket in Life

Aug 14, 2016 | Personal Finance

Pizza DeliveryWhen I was 12, my basketball coach took me on as his assistant for the age group of 6-8 years old, and I have been working ever since. When I was a teenager between ages 14-16, I was working at a clothes store, and even managed it while the owner went on errands. Between ages 16-18, I was a pizza delivery boy, and then also assigned the tasks of making some the sales calls.

In all of these jobs, my thinking was that if I do what was assigned to me in the best possible manner — and make my superior notice my behavior — I would get promoted instantly or compensated better than my peers. I found out that this is a colossal mistake, and it never brought me either.

Create Your Own Path by Over-Excelling

In life, one must have a major goal in front of him and a detailed plan of action to achieve it. Then, a “Wealth Team” must be carefully assembled to execute the plan and reach the goal. To inspire massive action and build a culture of wealth around you, a Majestic Personality must be developed. Then, with all the power of your being, a sense of Controlled Optimism has to be nurtured. Now, in this 5th article of the series of success principles, we learn how to always advance by doing more than what is assigned to us. We do this by making the effort to plant the habit of “Limitless Executing.”

In my teenage experience, I learned that by being excellent at what I do, my superiors would always want to keep me there. This is a most valuable lesson, for it destroys lives of bitter employees around the world. Starting today, you will cease to be naïve regarding this matter. If it is advancement you wish, then from now on, study and master the science of progress by applying Limitless Executing.

Perfecting Your Actions for Success

In nature, life advances by perfecting functions. Whenever an organism contains more life than it can express by functioning perfectly, it begins to perform the functions of the next level. The first squirrel that began to develop the parachute membrane must have been a perfect leaper. This is the fundamental principle of success. You can advance only by more than filling your present place. You must do perfectly all that you can do now, and you will become able to do later things that you cannot do now. The completion to perfection of one thing invariably provides us with the equipment for doing the next larger thing. First, do perfectly all that you can do now; keep on doing it perfectly until the doing of it becomes so easy that you have surplus power left after doing it. Then, by this surplus power, you will get a hold on the work of a higher level and begin to extend your correspondence with the environment. The key here is to direct this excess energy, and only those with a goal, a plan, a team, and the right personality and attitude will be able to do it.

If you are an employee, you may not need a team yet, but once your plan for advancement includes a large project undertaking for the firm you are now employed at, presenting it to your superiors will include details on which people you wish to use to achieve your goal.

Limitless Executing, then, is the habitual art of doing more than is required or needed, more than is assigned and expected of you, for this opens the doors to many benefits in life.

Give Yourself Limitless Value

The first thing I noticed is it helps in gaining favorable attention. I love the story of the founder of Patrón Tequila, John Paul DeJoria, who says that Limitless Executing is the simplest way to gain riches in life because it shines a light on you by all around you. Everyone is attracted to those who do more than is expected of them, since most do less.

Limitless Executing also makes you indispensable to your superiors as an employee, thus protects you from layoffs if the company is downsizing, or to your clients as a business owner. It opens up opportunities, as others will want you on their teams, and also boosts your self-confidence, which is great at making you a more pleasing person to be around.

Trust in the Future

When I began to consciously endeavor to make Limitless Executing a part of my life, I found that it was the most demanding habit besides Controlled Optimism. It requires you to always do more than expected, even if you don’t quite see yet how it will benefit you. This is an important point, as the reward for this principle may take time to manifest. In 2009, I began writing in order to improve my skills. I started reading 2 investment books a week and perfecting my speaking skills. The plan I had in mind was to become a money manager. My goal was to have a location-free business by the time I was a father. 5 years later the opportunity was first presented to me. 18 months later and my goal was fulfilled. Instead of managing money, I own a newsletter business, and it’s all because I decided to look past immediate rewards like many of us.

Be your own pacemaker and you will receive compounded interest for your efforts. That’s what the great always do. Whatever you do, make it count.

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