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This is THE HIDDEN CANNABIS MARKET That’s Making Millions for Investors

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

Practically every time you see someone in the news talking about the flourishing legalized cannabis market, they’re raving about long lines at dispensaries or the stiff competition among growers and cultivators. Sure, there’s money to be made there, but there’s a whole other angle to the canna-business that hardly anyone’s even mentioning.

To remain competitive in this market, especially as a start-up business, you need to find a niche that isn’t saturated with competitors. You need a space in the industry with a need that’s ready to be fulfilled. This need does exist if you know where to find it.

What one company is doing is pure genius: they’ve found their niche by providing the technological tools cannabis companies need in order to better serve their customers and patients. With so many cannabis companies out there nowadays, providing business technology solutions is an idea with massive profit potential.

It’s more than just an idea, though – it’s being capitalized on by a vertically-integrated cannabis infrastructure and technology company known as TILT Holdings Inc. (CSE: TILT, OTC: SVVTF). This is a company that offers comprehensive operations and software solutions at each touch point in the cannabis supply chain so they can communicate, operate, and scale with a greater degree of efficiency.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cannabis company that covers the full breadth of the industry like TILT does. In addition to the software solutions, TILT Holdings’ diverse portfolio comprises the genetics, manufacturing, processing, branding, distribution, and delivery of the product.

With resources and revenue generation in 40 U.S. states, as well as Canada and Europe, TILT services more than 1,000 dispensaries and generated an impressive $18.3 million of preliminary and unaudited pro forma gross revenue in January 2019 – and as of January 10, Canaccord analysts forecast 2019 revenue of $461 million.

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Much of TILT’s strong revenues are driven by their technology and software-as-a-service solutions, which are specially designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis companies. Indeed, one of TILT’s holdings, Baker Technologies, is the cannabis industry’s largest software company. They’ve raised nearly $12 million in capital and are conducting business with over a thousand dispensaries across 24 states and Canada.

Courtesy: TILT Holdings Investor Presentation

TILT also acquired Blackbird, a distribution company that provides logistics operations and software solutions throughout the cannabis supply chain. Blackbird works with over 250 wholesale and retail cannabis operators, has completed more than 100,000 deliveries to consumers in Nevada and California, and transports a monthly average of $30 million in wholesale cannabis products.

Courtesy: TILT Holdings Investor Presentation

Through best-in-class holdings like Baker and Blackbird, TILT is providing the most cost-effective, value-added, and innovative products across the North American and global cannabis market. The company’s vertical integration business model ensures robust and consistent revenue generation, along with unprecedented reach throughout the industry.

By supporting and elevating other cannabis businesses, TILT Holdings is ultimately enhancing their own brand as well. As The Street’s Debra Borchardt put it, “By including software and building companies that can cross state borders, the company isn’t limited to just specific markets. It can create national brands that benefit the whole company.”

The hidden cannabis market is revealed: state-of-the-art technology and software services, along with the branding, devices, cultivation and genetics, and even the distribution and delivery – wherever you find a cannabis company in need, you’ll also find TILT Holdings ready to provide solutions.

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