Best Real Estate Stocks for the 2020’s

Investing in the real estate sector can come through buying stocks of real estate companies. These businesses, which usually operate as real estate investment trusts (REITs), own or operate real properties. Here are the best real estate stocks (in our view) you should consider for your portfolio. Our principals are shareholders of all of them.

    Mega Crypto Crash: Liquidations Left and Right

    Touted by Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and other tech titans, cryptocurrency and the blockchain could represent the future of modern money. At the same time, dreams of fabulous crypto wealth are going down the drain as even the top-tier tokens are collapsing day after day.

      Ultimate Forever Stocks: Hold and Add More for the Remainder of Your Life

      Albert Einstein once called it the most powerful force in the universe. No, he wasn’t referring to a black hole or a supernova. In actuality, Einstein was talking about compound interest, and you can leverage the power of math to make your portfolio’s value grow exponentially over time.

        Trump’s Plan is Unfolding Beautifully: Patriots Stand By for Action

        It’s ugly out there, but it’s also picture-perfect, depending on how you look at it. No one in the White House or on Capitol Hill is getting a good night’s sleep in a midterm election year, a time when the tide will turn and populism will be the prevailing theme of the year, if not the decade.

          Commodities for the Win: All Signs Point Higher

          It’s history in the making, even if the so-called experts in the media haven’t recognized it yet. They’re obsessing over every tick in the NASDAQ and Dow Jones, but the real headline news is the once-in-a-lifetime potential in commodities now.

            11 Major Gold Catalysts

            The world’s governments don’t trust the dollar and are adding more gold reserves than ever before! Keep in mind that China is on route to surpass the U.S., as the biggest economy and their gold reserves are tiny still!

              Biden’s Weak West

              Americans are making their voices heard loud and clear. When asked, “In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, do you believe President Biden should make increasing American energy production a priority?” 77.3% said “yes” while just 9.3% said “no.”

                Putin’s Checkmate of the West

                Some would call it a slow-motion disaster; others would call it the most impactful event of 2022. As explosions are heard in Ukraine’s cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, and Mariupol, onlookers worldwide know that they’re witnessing a historic yet chilling occasion.

                  Unholy Stolen Wealth: Vatican and Gold

                  In search of the world’s vast stores of gold, most people would look to Fort Knox, or maybe Swiss banks or central banks and governments around the world. Yet, there’s a powerful global entity with incalculable reserves of wealth – including massive quantities of gold bullion – but it’s shrouded in mystery and largely unreported in the mainstream media.

                    Biden’s Policies (and the lack of them) Causes Recession Fears

                    Russia preparing to invade Ukraine... Heating bills soaring as a blizzard chills the northeast... The stock market just had one of its worst Januarys on record... After a terrible 2021 with Joe Biden’s approval ratings slipping to new lows, 2022 is already turning out to be an unmitigated disaster.

                      Our No 1 Stock for 2022

                      The Blackstone VP and former Morgan Stanley Chief Investment Strategist, Byron Wein, has been putting out a list of predictions since 1986 with a high accuracy.

                        Exclusive 2022 Full Economic Outlook

                        Financial research and economic research are comprised of thousands of charts and historical reference points that are then analyzed and assessed. The purpose of this is to figure out whether or not history is rhyming and, if it is, what it is telling us.

                          Rapid Free Fall: No One Trusts the Government Now

                          If Trump’s presidency proved anything, it’s that populism cannot be suppressed. The people will have their voices heard one way or another, and the career politicians will be held accountable sooner or later.

                            6 Highly Speculative Super Growth Stocks

                            Investing in tomorrow’s potential runners doesn’t get much easier than this. Low-cost, but highly specific: A strong focus on great small-cap companies can be yours.

                              Top Six Altcoins for 2021

                              There's more to the world of crypto than Bitcoin. There are thousands of crypto coins out there. Altcoins can make fast moves for surprisingly quick gains. Thus, it's possible for altcoins to make 2x, 3x, or even bigger moves than Bitcoin.

                                Gold and Silver Manipulation: Big Bullion Banks’ Suppression Scheme!

                                A gold “flash crash” shocked and appalled commodity traders exactly one year after gold hit an all-time high on August 6th 2020. It wasn’t an issue with gold bullion itself, but a sudden and unexpected plunge in gold paper/futures contract prices that represented the biggest two-day drop in gold (in dollar terms) since the March 2020 crash.

                                  The Ultimate Chinese Portfolio

                                  Today, we can’t afford to restrict their outlook. Instead, we must think globally, as the biggest gains aren’t always coming from your home country.

                                    Silver to $35 Per Ounce Easily: The Technicals Are Irrefutable

                                    No matter which angle you’re looking at it from – economics, chart technicals, or a combination of both – the bull case for silver is as powerful as ever. $35 will prove to be a key level, and after the bulls break through that, the $50 resistance point from 2011 will be next in line.

                                      Gold to $3,000 and Beyond: When Will It Hit All-Time Highs?

                                      $2,000 and much higher: it’s not an “if” question but a “when” question for gold because it’s destined to break through new resistance levels, just as it has always done in the past. Still, it’s understandable that people want to how long it will be and how far it will go.

                                        Seven Dividends Beasts To Hold Forever

                                        It’s what made legendary investors billions, yet it’s unappreciated. It’s more powerful than a freight train, yet gradual like a sunrise. I’m talking about the incredible power of compounding, which you can leverage through long-term positions in dividend-paying stocks.