6 Highly Speculative Super Growth Stocks

Investing in tomorrow’s potential runners doesn’t get much easier than this. Low-cost, but highly specific: A strong focus on great small-cap companies can be yours.

    Top Six Altcoins for 2021

    There's more to the world of crypto than Bitcoin. There are thousands of crypto coins out there. Altcoins can make fast moves for surprisingly quick gains. Thus, it's possible for altcoins to make 2x, 3x, or even bigger moves than Bitcoin.

      Gold and Silver Manipulation: Big Bullion Banks’ Suppression Scheme!

      A gold “flash crash” shocked and appalled commodity traders exactly one year after gold hit an all-time high on August 6th 2020. It wasn’t an issue with gold bullion itself, but a sudden and unexpected plunge in gold paper/futures contract prices that represented the biggest two-day drop in gold (in dollar terms) since the March 2020 crash.

        The Ultimate Chinese Portfolio

        Today, we can’t afford to restrict their outlook. Instead, we must think globally, as the biggest gains aren’t always coming from your home country.

          Silver to $35 Per Ounce Easily: The Technicals Are Irrefutable

          No matter which angle you’re looking at it from – economics, chart technicals, or a combination of both – the bull case for silver is as powerful as ever. $35 will prove to be a key level, and after the bulls break through that, the $50 resistance point from 2011 will be next in line.

            Gold to $3,000 and Beyond: When Will It Hit All-Time Highs?

            $2,000 and much higher: it’s not an “if” question but a “when” question for gold because it’s destined to break through new resistance levels, just as it has always done in the past. Still, it’s understandable that people want to how long it will be and how far it will go.

              Seven Dividends Beasts To Hold Forever

              It’s what made legendary investors billions, yet it’s unappreciated. It’s more powerful than a freight train, yet gradual like a sunrise. I’m talking about the incredible power of compounding, which you can leverage through long-term positions in dividend-paying stocks.

                Precious Metals, Inflation, the National Debt, and Biden: A Recap of Current Events and the Inevitable Outcome

                Between the government’s extreme monetary policy, skewed prices among multiple market sectors, and the confluence of national budgetary concerns, there’s no shortage of flashpoint events impacting the commodity market today, particularly precious metals.

                  Inflation Signs All Around Us: This Summer Will Be Nuts

                  It’s the silent destroyer of wealth that impacts each and every one of us, rich or poor, but especially the middle class that works and saves for years just to watch our money’s value waste away due to reckless government print-and-spend policy.

                    Death Blow to the Dollar: The Chinese Killer Shot That Can End the Currency Wars

                    It’s the biggest war of the 2020s but there won’t be a draft like WWII or the Vietnam War. In fact, most reporters in the mainstream press won’t dare to bring up the topic, but it’s as historically significant – and potentially just as devastating – as the Cold War that the Baby Boomers grew up with.

                      Dogecoin to the Moon

                      It’s the cryptocurrency that nobody took seriously at first – and now, with hundreds of percentage point gains in just a few months’ time, the financial community has no choice but to take Dogecoin seriously as a viable alternative to fiat money and Bitcoin.

                        Tech Wreck 2021: The Ultimate “Buy Low” List

                        In order to sell high, you first have to buy low. For the first time I’m sharing exactly what I’m doing in my own portfolio, because there’s a lot of forced-selling, which has caused companies to fall.

                          4 Critical Companies for 2021

                            The Power of Cryptography

                            The entire blockchain domain, with a value above $ 2 trillion, rests on cryptography. The ordinary end-user might not know it, but blockchain is unleashing the most widespread use of cryptography since the start of human civilization. Until the arrival of the internet, cryptography was the preserve of the global military and public security industrial ecosystem.

                              Tech Portfolio 2021: The Big, The Small, and the Stealth

                              In the past year, going back to April 2020, we’ve published 8 Watch Lists, comprising of a total of 56 companies. Today, we reveal our six newest highlighted companies.

                                EV’s, Online Shopping and Tech Boom: Under-the-Radar

                                This is our 7th Watch List and, today, we want to unveil our 2nd list for 2021. I want to explain that in February 2021, the time this report is written, the markets are on fire. This is the reason that we have noted limit orders, since we want to conduct due diligence on great companies, only when they’re valued for prices that make sense to us.

                                  Ring in the New Year With These New Economy Stocks

                                  After another outstanding year of watch list profiles, it’s time to roll out another round of tomorrow’s runners – these watch lists are among our most requested reports because of their outstanding track record of picking one big mover after another.

                                    Seven Vital Stocks to Research Now

                                    After picking dozens of consistent winners and some of them literally doubling in price, our featured undervalued stock pick reports are extremely popular. These are the culmination of months of intensive research on both the companies' financials and the technical features of the stocks.

                                      Voter Fraud 2020: Allegation Summary

                                      As multiple states on the electoral map mysteriously turned from red to blue, it became increasingly evident that something isn’t right with the U.S. election. In the world’s greatest nation, a rigged voting system is undermining the foundations of our democracy.

                                        Last Great Buying Opportunity in Post-Covid19 Rally

                                        Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel: the media will distract you from your purpose as an investor, which is to look where no one else is looking and find value where others will only discover it much later. That’s the mandate of value investing and it works consistently if you apply its principles correctly.