Silver is Surging Higher

JP Morgan has now taken a physical position of 550 million ounces!

Now is the time to take a strategic position in silver stocks.

Research the purest silver company on the planet now: First Majestic Silver (TSX: FR & NYSE: AG)!

In 2016, Wealth Research Group, the financial newsletter I run, profiled 12 mining companies overall, and this has been our biggest winner.

My original target price remains the same: USD$21.13 & CAD$24.63.

I see 2017 unfolding as a big year for silver investors.

We are now one year into a massive move in silver stocks, which could end with silver close to $50 per ounce.

In order to maximize our profits, owning the most important silver company on the market today is the ultimate position.

We want the purest primary silver producer in the world!

This company is run by the number one mining CEO out there, a man that is featured regularly on major financial outlets, as well as roundtable sessions, Mr. Keith Neumeyer.

First Majestic Silver has a low all-in sustaining cost of just $12 per ounce!

I have personally met with over 40 silver CEOs, visited many mines, and have gone through the books of 312 silver miners. This is the one silver stock that every silver portfolio needs.

Silver, the most widely used industrial precious metal, is the only mineral that has yet to surpass its 1980 price high. It is ridiculously undervalued, and now that JP Morgan’s silver fraud has been exposed, it is going to discover its true 2017 price, and there’s no doubt it will be significantly higher.

That’s exactly why First Majestic Silver is the most leveraged investment in this sector – its revenues are derived from silver more than any other company.

Essentially, 70% of its income comes from silver, and it is expected to increase to 80% by the end of 2017.

If you want to own a real silver stock, own First Majestic Silver, because its operating mines are of the highest purity.

When precious metals broke to the upside last year, First Majestic Silver not only led the sector, but on the Toronto Stock Exchange, it led ALL categories!

With six producing silver mines and two advanced-stage silver projects, First Majestic Silver is set to become a 20 million+ ounce producer!

In the past three years, I have seen how Mr. Neumeyer runs this ~4,000 employee company, and it is stellar.

That’s why he is a mining legend.

The company has all of the projects in Mexico – the number one silver-producing country in the world.
This One Metal, One Country focus has turned it into a stock that the largest institutions in the world in ownership – including the Swiss National Bank.

Revenues from silver production are expected to increase 10% over the next year, meaning the purest silver producer in the world is about to become even more pure.

As the silver price rises, an avalanche of money will flood into this tiny sector, and it will be directed into only a sliver of these silver stocks.

In 2016, First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR) rose 7 times more than the price of physical silver, and that’s because this company keeps growing and refining its assets and projects.

As technology drives demand for silver, so will a global monetary crisis.

The U.S. is at $20 trillion in debt, currency wars are erupting from east to west, and the current monetary system is being rejected by voters worldwide.

This is the best time to position for a violent rise higher in the silver price.

Consider owning the purest silver producer on earth: First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG & TSX: FR)

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