The Big Boys are Invested in One Uranium Stock

No. 1 Contrarian Investment of 2017: Your One Shot of Positioning at a Commodity Cycle Bottom

Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Marin Katusa, J.P. Morgan, Li Ka-shing (the richest man in all of Asia), the Sprott group, and Fidelity all are major strategic shareholders.

Consider Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC) as the top uranium stock to own in your portfolio!

I want you to truly comprehend why this company is superior.

In mining, the largest risk you face is that you don’t control the price of the commodity, and you might end up selling at a loss, bleeding shareholders’ money and going through hell.

Run by the most promising young business builder in mining, Amir Adnani, Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC) is, simply put, designed for maximum gains and miniscule losses.

They use a technique implemented by the world’s powerhouse of uranium production: Kazakhstan.

ISR (in-situ recovery) is the cheapest way to produce uranium because it requires no digging, hauling, or crushing of rock. There are no conventional or underground mines necessary, and you don’t need big trucks or mining shovels for this type of project.

The beauty is that you can simply open and close production according to your profit margin – not a single pound of uranium is wasted!

Amir hasn’t committed a detrimental mistake that many other CEOs have done by contracting to sell the resource at a fixed price, no matter how high it rises.

UEC is production-ready!

As uranium prices keep moving higher, the Hobson facility is one of the low-cost producers and will come online sooner than the majority of other projects worldwide, which makes it a tremendous opportunity, because the competition can’t sustain UEC’s built-in costs.

The company has assets in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Paraguay.

It also has Spencer Abraham — who served as the 10th United States Secretary of Energy from 2001 to 2005 — as Executive Chairman of the Board!

Consider shares of Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)

Analyst covering the stock are giving a 12-month price target from $2.50 to over $4, we believe now is the time to research UEC.

We are now as close to a bottom as we’ll get.

  • Over the next 10 years – utilities will need to purchase ~ 1 Billion pounds of U3O8*
  • Over 82% of utility requirements are uncovered by 2025
  • Most utilities contract 2-4 years in advance of requirements

This supply squeeze is the reason why this coming decade will be a pure profit machine, but I have yet to encounter a situation where slow movers are rewarded in the resource sector. Therefore, Wealth Research Group sees this quarter as the clear window of opportunity to lock a pioneering position in uranium.

Several years ago, there were 500 companies mining uranium. Today, there are just 20. The uranium price crash has eliminated 96% of suppliers from the market. 80% of the world’s primary uranium supply comes from just 10 mines.

The New President is very pro-nuclear energy.

Well over 90% of the uranium used to fuel the U.S.’ fleet of nuclear power plants comes from foreign suppliers. Almost 37% of the uranium used in U.S. reactors in 2015 came from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, up from about 29% in 2012.

Therefore, with Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, running the Department of Energy, domestic producers are going to profit immensely under Trump, and our top uranium stock for 2017 has an ISR (in-situ recovery) mine in Texas!

Uranium is both a strategic energy metal and a political metal, so we wanted to check items and make this a safe suggestion for you.


Investors realize that this drilling rate was due to weaken the nuclear reserves of the U.S., and now this trend will change, and the value of the assets will be re-priced.

UEC has just completed a financing that had backers from Sprott Wealth, and Dundee Capital. The company is liquid and this newly-raised cash will be the engine that allows the CEO, Mr. Amir Adnani, to push his master plan forward.

To fully grasp the potential of this opportunity, I want you to realize that UEC is not producing currently at low uranium prices, and is not selling their finite resource at a loss like 90% of miners do in downturns.

Not only that, but also, it hasn’t locked redundant contracts to sell its uranium in due time at an artificially-low fixed price.

We are now pre-production and this makes this an unrepeatable chance to be invested prior to coming online again, enjoying all of the upside.

This is a small-cap stock, but it has serious eyes looking at it, as it trades 1,000’s of transactions daily, and banks advise clients to own it, which means that being early is paramount.

Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE: UEC) is the ultimate U.S.-based energy company to own.

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