Rick Rule Is All Over This!

An Opportunity To Generate A 300%-400% Return In The World’s 3rd Most In-Demand Commodity!

My name is Lior Gantz, and prior to founding Wealth Research Group along with my research partner, I built 3 businesses from the ground up and became a multimillionaire at age 33.

Wealth Research Group is my way of reaching investors and savers with the purpose of educating them about the strategies necessary to lead a wealthy life and say goodbye to government handouts and relying upon politicians and central bankers to make decisions that will benefit the average person and not the elite.

The game is rigged against us; therefore, we need to figure out how to build a well-rounded portfolio ourselves.

After 8 years of zero and negative interest rates, QE programs that enriched the criminal banks at the expense of taxpayers, and after stocks and real estate have resumed bubble-like prices, the only cheap sector is commodities!

This is the cheapest commodities have been under the current fiat monetary system, so it is one of our main investment themes right now.

Not all commodities are attractive, though. Oil is stuck in a bear market, for example, with oversupply and a slowly growing U.S. economy, but on the other hand, industrial metals are beginning to soar higher because China is building again.

Aluminum has risen to multi-year highs, and iron ore as well. Copper is trading for multi-year highs, but the metal that is in high demand and increasingly low inventories of supply is zinc.

It just shattered its 10-year high, and the demand from China is unending.

As of the end of August 2017, the inventories are plummeting and economic near-term zinc projects are in demand.

We’ve tracked down a company that we have not been able to poke one hole at after months of due diligence, and I’ve had my team look at every angle.

It is my No. 1 zinc explorer/developer suggestion, and it is insanely cheap right now.

Rick Rule, arguably the smartest and most successful resource investor of the past 30 years, has paid CAD$0.50 per share for his clients at Sprott Group, but it’s trading at the mid-CAD$0.30s today.

It is a steal!

Consider Owning Shares Of Callinex Mines (TSX-V: CNX & US: CLLXF) NOW!

When our team looks for investments in the resource sector, we know one thing for sure: 95% of companies lose money, burn cash, and leave investors dried up.

The only way to stick with the 5% who have the potential to make us life-changing returns is to only partner and invest with the ultimate best – that’s exactly what we have with Callinex Mines today.

Here’s precisely what our research gathered on Callinex Mines shows, and why I see it as a company with 300% potential from today’s prices:

  1. People: Max Porterfield, the company’s CEO and President, will be a mining legend someday soon.

He is a relentless leader that has been able to execute flawlessly on the business plan, which is why institutions as thorough as the Sprott Group, with Rick Rule at the helm, have been willing to come in with millions of dollars to invest in his vision.

Add that to 4 of the biggest names in geology. Specifically, I want you to focus on Mike Muzylowski, a hall of famer who has discovered 12 VMS mines in the same region that the company has some projects in!

The person you should conduct due diligence on, like we did, is Carlo Civelli, chairman of the advisory board, because he has been a serial winner with early-stage companies and led a number of them to become billion-dollar businesses.

This is as solid as human talent gets with this team.

Rick Rule is obsessed with the resource sector, and where he told my team that he has made the lion’s share of his fortune is in the industrial metals industry, specifically with companies that are advancing an exploration play with proven resources.

We are staring at a potential mother lode here!

  1. Projects with takeover potential: The company’s market cap sits at CAD$26M, with ZERO debt and CAD$7M in cold, hard cash.

The market is valuing the company’s projects at CAD$19M, and that mistake, a large one, is working to our advantage because buying right now is like getting a 60% discount!

Consider owning one of the cheapest zinc companies in the world: Callinex Mines (TSX-V: CNX & US: CLLXF)

Let’s take a look at their projects and catalysts for growth, which I see as the reasons why larger companies will want to buy them out, and as I judge it, the price will be north of CAD$75M, making it a 300% gain from today’s value.

All the properties are in Canada, and they are drilling Pine Bay, which alone could make the company worth much more, depending on future drill results. Previous programs and their success are what attracted institutions to the bargaining table.

Their advanced development projects, Superjack and Nash Creek, have proven indicated and inferred resources, and once the PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment) is completed by Q1 of 2018 and the hidden value is finally revealed, this could be a huge winner for early investors.

With zinc trading at a decade-high price, the supply shortage putting pressure on companies to look for economic, near-term production deposits, the solid lineup of management leaders, experience the team of Callinex Mines geologists has, and the upcoming value-adding catalysts, this is now a highly lucrative potential winner.

The mining districts of the properties are some of the best in the world, and I want you to research this thoroughly.

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