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In 2008, I came to the U.S. with the intent of capitalizing on the incredible mess left behind by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

I’ve been working since my father filed for bankruptcy when I was 13, and have been investing since my parents signed-off a bank waiver at the age of 16, so I could put my babysitting earnings to work.

One of the themes, which have guided me in the past 18 years has been to take advantage of low-competition environments, when they’re out of favor, and in 2009, America was ON SALE.

Between 2008 and 2013, my focus was a tiny niche I found that gave my business a clear moat over competing real estate entrepreneurs.

But, by 2013, the glut of foreclosures, which fueled my success, had been absorbed for the most part.

But, a new opportunity in real estate emerged. Cannabis has become legal in Colorado, which meant that businesses needed real estate solutions, but Colorado is tiny compared with the mother of all cannabis markets – California.

So, starting 3 months ago, I’ve been searching for opportunities, which capitalize on real estate deals, which cannabis companies need to grow their businesses. This is one of the major topics we discuss on our newsletter, along with the best ways to protect your portfolio from the coming inflation, the bonds Armageddon and the stock market bull market ending.

We’ve been using platforms, such as, in order to make sure investors know we’re actively looking for deals and partners.

The cannabis market is currently the fastest growing industry in California, and indeed, it is biting a large chunk into alcohol sales and medicine sales.

Between now and 2030, it is estimated to grow an annual rate, which is higher than 20%.

Courtesy: Marijuana Business Daily

The New York real estate market is always full of opportunities, as is the California market, but what I love about this situation is that due to the fact that California has legalized cannabis, both medicinally and for adult use, while the Federal Government hasn’t changed its laws, many funds and institutions are not participating in this boom.

The little guy, in fact, is able to look at early-stage deals, then, since the big boys are out of town.

The market, though, is becoming far more competitive than before, with many new players joining the boom every day, so the one loophole, which we’ve found that still remains untapped, is the funding vacuum.

Here’s what I mean by that. Most regional and national banks are cautious about originating loans to cannabis companies. From what I’ve seen, they’re even thinking twice about opening bank accounts for them, so just like in previous instances in my career, I researched for a way to capitalize on this void.

But, in terms of real estate opportunities, I found none thus far.

Instead, I found a publicly-traded company, which has the potential to become an important player, so while I’m looking for attractive real estate, I’ve taken an interest in FinCanna Capital Corp (CSE: CALI & US: FNNZF) since it is a royalty company, the purest one in the California market and it’s enjoying the fact that banks aren’t active in the marketplace!

What Wealth Research Group has uncovered, essentially, is a stock, which has just started trading a number of days ago, which makes upfront cash payment to world-class cannabis businesses in California, the world’s largest cannabis market, in exchange for a royalty income stream, as these companies become profitable.

That’s the niche FinCanna is focused on, and they have royalty deals, with more coming, as the industry matures. They have the luxury to turn down many cash-strapped companies, since they act as a bank, making up front investments into top-quality deals, in exchange for royalties on all future revenues.

A business like this shouldn’t even exist in a free-market society – it is so overwhelmingly advantageous to us, as shareholders, that I’m literally shocked that we are able to partner with them so early in the game.

Their most ambitious royalty deal is with CTI – an 111,500 ft.² planned Coachella Campus, which will include vertical growth cultivation and extraction, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and centralized processing. FinCanna is entitled to complete its funding to CTI in exchange for a Royalty of 14% of CTI's revenues from its Coachella Project.

On top of that, FinCanna also has the right to finance CTI's next 2 licensed cannabis facility projects on the same terms as the Coachella Project – this is huge.

CTI has established an interim medical cannabis extraction facility on the Coachella Property, which expects to produce approximately 3.7 million grams of raw oil per year. FinCanna is entitled to receive 50% of the profits from the Interim Facility.

These two income streams are only the beginning. I absolutely love their 3rd deal, and I’ve shared this with their CEO, since it’s with a tech company, supplying solutions for the industry.

Green Compliance developed the software with Automated Healthcare Solutions (AHCS) and has an exclusive licensing and support agreement with AHCS to market and sell the software to licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivators.

By the way, I’ve been sharing the full report on the company HERE!

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