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For tens of thousands of years, a third of our time on this planet has been spent performing a behavior that largely remains a mystery.

Throughout recorded history, human beings have considered sleep to be an act you just do, something that occurs to us — shapers of opinions reasoned that all living things think {especially humans}, breathe, eat and sleep, but not much thought has been given as to what these behaviors and functions really mean and signify.

Science has now led to immense progress, in terms of showing what actually happens in our bodies, when we breathe, think, eat and sleep.

For example, up until the advancement in neuroscience, people thought the brain rests when we sleep – that it shuts down, in a sense – a theory we now know is complete and utter nonsense.

With many things, humans have assumed the worst of the worst of errors and were so certain that they were operating on factual assessments that Einstein’s joke that 95% of people are wrong in 95% of cases, could technically be correct.

Sleep is presently considered, after thousands and thousands of studies to be the single, most important behavior humans can perform {without much trouble} to remain physically and mentally healthy — it’s the simplest act of kindness to your body and mind.

Sleep discourages depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Vital brain power and nervous system rejuvenation, as well as increase in energy storage levels, are restored in sleep, especially if one allows fresh air to enter, since the process of proper sleeping is best performed in total darkness and access to air circulation.

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    When animals and humans are sleep deprived, certain chemical and electrical processes are distorted and immediately spread poisonous secretions to our vital areas.

    Thinking positively, breathing deeply, eating slowly and only when hungry and sleeping in darkness and with fresh air, are what I call LIFE ANCHORS, essential and basic prerequisites to living a happy existence.

    The markets also have these ‘anchors.’

    What is the underlying, most basic form of market fundamentals? Most would argue, myself included, that it is trust.

    I will not exchange value with another, without some degree of trust. Some don’t trust vaccines, other are suspicious of cryptocurrencies, while others are wary of big government.

    There are those who absolutely will not place faith in anything some people say, so building trust is considered one of the hallmarks of successful brands.

    At present, the markets have little trust in two brutally-important things that are causing much distress on some sectors and certain stocks, which are trading at 52-week lows, even as indices are at record-highs.

    1. Jerome: the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank is a market anchor. If buyers and sellers, be it individuals, algorithms, governments, hedge fund managers and corporations, feel that Powell is failing or that Biden is likely to replace him with someone worse, then doubt and fear is injected.

    This week, we’ll know if Powell will stay in his position, or if Brainard, a person who is not a Trump nominee, will be named Chairman.

    Some have even theorized that Biden might nominate Larry Summers, who has been adamant that inflation is rampant and must be aggressively handled.

    I put the likelihood of Powell remaining in office at 79%, but the markets don’t agree and are selling off in some sectors, since they believe any alternative would be far more aggressive about tapering and tightening.

    2. Tax Policy: Because the Biden Administration is taxing capital gains, unrealized appreciation, dividends and other forms of market profits, tax-loss harvesting, which is an end-of-year accounting strategy for tax efficiencies {booking losses to offset gains}, has started in mid-November.

    This is causing BTDers (Buy the Dippers) to wait and lower their limit orders, as they expect even more downtrend.

    Keep working your plan, as these two negative catalysts play out; you’ll be rewarded for trusting, when others couldn’t.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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