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Jan 14, 2019 | Stock Market Wealth

It took us months to boil down an initial list of 122 companies and uncover the unbelievable story behind Sandspring Resources (TSX-V: SSP & US: SSPXF), whose biggest shareholders and backers are all part of the most serious groups in natural resources, worldwide.

I can tell you that after speaking with the company’s founder, Rich Munson, who has been with the project since 1999, when he and his partner went exploring in the Guiana Shield, in South America, where Exxon Mobil just announced finding a ridiculously large amount of oil offshore of Guyana, and where Newmont Mining, part of the big three gold players, operates one of their best mines in Suriname, the reason that Fiore Group, Gran Colombia Gold, and Wheaton Precious Metals are all involved in this deal is because of the size of the Toroparu project and its incredibly lucrative economics.

Take a close look:

This asset is the LARGEST, owned by any junior miner company in South America. It’s simply enormous in scope.

Because it is so robust, and because the numbers from the pre-feasibility study are so solid, Fiore Group, along with Gran Colombia Gold, capitalized on the downturn these past few years to build massive ownership positions, but we have a chance to acquire shares at even better prices than these deep-pocketed institutional giants got theirs for.

One year ago, shares were trading 33% higher than the current bids are set. 

The company has ZERO debt and a $135M commitment from WPM to advance the project into production.

Get this, because I couldn’t believe it — the management has confirmed that since inception, more than $150M has already been invested in advancing Toroparu. They have built infrastructure and formed valuable relationships with the government officials, who they are close with. They’ve discovered this monstrous-sized asset and have done economic studies on it, yet the entire market cap sits at CAD$50M today.

This would be the same as building a home for $150K and selling it immediately after for $50K to the first bidder. It’s a steep, anomalous discount, and I must capitalize on it, as I see these veteran and seasoned, multi-millionaire investors are doing so.


The management team of this company includes the founders of Energy Fuels Nuclear, which was the largest producer of uranium in the United States during the 1980’s and early 1990’s, when they were in charge of it.

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The reason that this is such a unique deal is because of the leverage involved, when gold prices rise – the numbers become silly-good.

Check this out:

At $1,400 gold, this project has an Internal Rate of Return of 23.1%. For comparison, Warren Buffett became the richest investor ever, by generating 19.7% a year. That’s how good the numbers are for this project.

As it stands, the market cap and the valuation of this stock, when you compute all the data, are seriously juicy, as I see it.

It is so rare to find a high-quality discounted trade. There are many cheap companies, but for all the wrong reasons. In this case, the numbers simply don’t lie, which is the reason I’m converting cash into shares, effective immediately.

It doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

As the economy weakens and the dollar breaks down, just like billionaire “bond god,” Jeffrey Gundlach, predicts, gold will snap higher, breaching through its 7-yr resistance line, showing to investors why it is the hardest money ever devised.

This stock offers the ultimate leverage for this scenario.

It’s time to strike!

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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