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URGENT: MY One and Only 100x TRADE!

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These Come Once Every 12-15 Years

22 years ago, a nice banker was kind enough to sit down with me when I wasn’t even 16 years old and ask me how I was able to deposit savings every month for three years (1997-2000). I replied that since my father’s business collapsed in 1997 when I was 13, I had been babysitting, working as a warehouse worker at the back of a clothing store, slowly graduating to salesperson, handing out flyers, and keeping the scoreboard at local basketball games to save money.

He complimented my discipline of not spending every dime of this nest egg and asked if I knew anything about equities.

That man opened the doors of the stock market to me. Just a few days later, my mother and father signed a waiver allowing a minor to invest their own money.

In June 2000, I started buying equities. When I look at my portfolio today, nearly 22 years later, I see that chances to make 100x your original investment, turning $5,000 into $500,000 or $10,000 into $1,000,000, happens primarily thanks to THREE FACTORS:

  1. They’re on to Something BIG – Stocks that appreciated by 10,000% (100-baggers) need to grow ultra-fast, and that has implied disrupting an entire industry and revolutionizing it.

You must really have a hit service or product.

That’s not the only way, though, as there’s a second path as well.

  1. BEING SUPER EARLY – This is the type that I like because I’m always looking for these. The clearest examples of this in recent years are cryptocurrencies and cannabis legalization.

When Wealth Research Group highlighted Ethereum in March 2017 at $12/token, we literally presented an opportunity to make NOT 100x but 300x your money!!!

When we highlighted Bitcoin at $450/coin, we literally highlighted a 120x opportunity.

Being super early means that there are major roadblocks, such as a nonexistent regulatory framework or other hurdles on the way to stardom, but the risk is dwarfed by the reward innovation will bring.

  1. Time and PATIENCE – Most 100-baggers simply take 20-25 years to get there.

When I look at the companies that continued to execute their business models and their share price appreciated by 10,000%, the main reason for it is that they grew earnings over the course of a generation (25 years) by that much and the share price correlated with the growth in their bottom line.

I have found a potential candidate for the 2nd type, the SUPER EARLY kind. It’s a company whose business model is to be dominating as the leader in a frontier industry. I’m going to publish the information this weekend.

If their business model is properly executed, the potential is to become one of those rare and remarkable 100x stocks. 

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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