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Just Wave the White Flag Already

Today’s publication might be the last one for 2022, and what I wish it to be for you is the most accurate and comprehensive geopolitical picture and outlook, irrespective of political agenda, pure and succinct, devoid of left and right views – just the cold, hard truths.

Our inbox was filled after our last publication, which detailed how the Russian military, which set out a target to occupy Ukraine in 72 hours wasn’t able to meet its objectives. It was met with so many inbound feedback emails, like no other subject I’ve ever written about, most of them pointing to how pointing that Russia is currently losing (since it’s been 300 days, not 3 days, since the initiated their Special Military Operation) was false to mention. 

It’s no secret that nearly a third of Americans hate globalism and the role that America plays in the world for the last 80 years and they’d much prefer the U.S. stay out of the affairs of nations and let them fight each other. Whoever doesn’t think like they do is “brainwashed” and “must be watching CNN”… the world, as it is today, is obviously the result of American interference of the affairs of other nations — this is the definition of the Post-WW2 world order, but there is an alternative to this, which is American nationalism, whereby it minds its own business, instead of trying “to fix” the problems, in regions it doesn’t understand in the least. In that world, powers like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, as well as the Japanese empire rose to challenge America… they’d much prefer that over American dominance.

The Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 paved the way for the 2-bloc New World Order, which emerged after WW2 ended.

On one side was the United States, a geographical fortress, from a topographical point of view, with lush and fertile lands, mild climate, a massive export business of grains and agricultural produce, vast lands for settlement of new population, the Mississippi Network of Rivers providing water highways, and peaceful neighbors to the North and South.

On the other side is the Soviet Union, the largest nation on Earth, with vast planes, fertile soils, but easy to infiltrate and conquer (which it has been throughout recorded history), with the last attempt coming just two years before Bretton Woods, when Nazi Germany wanted Moscow and went for it.

Because foreigners have never found it difficult to advance towards Moscow, Russia’s doctrine is constant geographical expansion, creating strategic depths as far as the Pacific Ocean on the eastern border, Siberia to the north, Central Asia and the Kavkaz Mountains to the south, to guard from Turkey and Iran. But its kryptonite is truly to the west, where the Baltic nations and even Poland, Romania and Germany, if possible, are necessary to fortify the shield, not to mention Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, a scholar of Russia’s history, doesn’t live with the same thoughts the westerners have. To him, war is Russia’s default mode.

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    In the DNA of the Russians, war is either happening now or brewing; peace is temporary and should not be construed as a real option.

    These two post-WW2 empires fought a Cold War, with the USA creating the Bretton Woods system and the Russians forming the Warsaw Pact.

    America’s system went something to the effect of:

    1. Forming a global trading and commerce network (roots of globalization).
    2. Persian Gulf countries will be the energy suppliers, primarily the Saudis, who will sell to the U.S. and its allies in exchange for naval protection.
    3. America’s mighty fleet will police the seas, for whoever rules the oceans, rules the earth.
    4. European countries will end colonialism and mercantilism, and will open up to the free-market system.

    The master goal was to defeat the Soviet Union and in 1991, that objective was achieved.

    Once the Deep State thought leaders in Washington opted to keep the petrodollar system in place, even though the Berlin Wall came down, the European Union was formed and the Long Peace prevailed, the view of “American Intervention” took hold and now many Americans openly criticize their government for meddling in matters that are not their own.

    Obama’s 2011 pivot speech and Donald Trump’s United Nations speech really showed the world that America is turning nationalistic, not imperialist or globalist.

    After the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to take over the country, all nations took it as a sign that the Bretton Woods doctrine is no more.

    Putin also knows this and understands that, for Russia, it is now or never, when it comes to getting back to its old glory, but it failed epically in Ukraine and lost its prestige. In 2023, Putin must make an even more aggressive move into Ukraine, or risk losing everything and ending up as one of Russia’s worst leaders.

    Vladimir, cut your losses; the odds have stacked up against you; save yourself the humiliation and save hundreds of thousands from death and suffering.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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