I’m staking my reputation on this one!

This Could Become the Apple Inc. of its Industry

I’ve got serious money riding on this company. It recently started trading via an IPO, and you’re one of the EARLIEST-EVER investors to hear about a business that we believe is CAPABLE OF transforming an entire industry.

From its inception in the late 1920s, IBM ruled the world of computing. IBM was an innovating monster, but in the middle of the 1980s, it began to SIT IDLE, banking on its branding power and global recognition while a couple of aspiring young entrepreneurs, one of which was named Steve Jobs, were wracking their brains on ways to introduce computers as a retail household product.

Today, IBM is worth $107B, while Apple Inc. is worth 16x that, valued at $1.68T.

What makes Apple Inc. the most valuable consumer company to ever exist is their proven formula of taking a giant industry (music, movies, computers, phones) and applying innovation, technology, marketing, and customer service, CREATING ALMOST ADDICTIVE products whose clients are raving fans.

We’ve found a POTENTIAL SISTER COMPANY to Apple Inc. (when it was just getting moving) in a giant industry, foods and beverages, where a massive trend is taking place with vegans and meat replacements, but the current options in the marketplace AREN’T OVER-DELIVERING for the demand that’s out there.

Split-adjusted, since its IPO on December 12th, 1980, nearly 40 years ago, Apple Inc. has turned every $10,000 invested into $8,000,000!

Notice, though, that its BREAKTHROUGH truly began in the 2000s, when Steve Jobs and his team started combining innovation and technology to shake up trending retail sectors.

We’ve RESEARCHED AND FOUND a company called The Very Good Food Company (CSE: VERY & US: VRYYF), which is growing its sales by HUNDREDS OF PERCENT per annum and might just be the most important company to IPO in 2020!

It has NEGLIGIBLE DEBT, plenty of cash, and THICK PROFIT MARGINS, which WE FORECAST TO BE about 25%. To me, this is the most astounding financial data I’ve ever come across since it tells me that its clients are willing to pay a premium to enjoy a product that gives them a CERTAIN UNIQUE FEELING.

It is that same feeling that allows Coca-Cola to sell sugared, carbonated water at a HUGE MARKUP and the same feeling that gives Hersey’s the privilege of selling its Kisses at a massive premium, and that feeling comes from LOYALTY AND TRUST.

Consider shares of The Very Good Food Co. (CSE: VERY & US: VRYYF) NOW!

If I could snap my fingers and make you realize just how CONFIDENT I AM that this stock has LIFE-CHANGING potential, there would be no need to further elaborate since you’d realize this is a likely $500 Bitcoin MOMENT.

The current market cap is CAD$131M while the meat replacement dominator, Beyond Meat, is worth USD$8B – the gap is ASTONISHING, just as it was when IBM was so much bigger than Apple Inc., so much so that it seemed impossible for the tables to turn, but what I’m about to show will be INCREDIBLY POWERFUL so that you can see what I see.

This is the company’s updated sales data:


As a private company for the past three years, they’ve been operating under the radar of the investment community, but this IPO is going to put them on the map.

These are ONLY ESTIMATES, but on the production and sales price, it is NOT FARFETCHED to conclude that the company can do about CAD$500K/month in total online and wholesale revenue, which is an annualized CAD$6M for 2020. Next year, the company is projecting between CAD$60M-CAD$100M, and by 2022, that number is set to be CAD$150M, more than the entire market cap today.

Beyond Meat has $298M in revenue in 2019 and the market ascribed an USD$8B market cap to it. If The Very Good Food Co. (CSE: VERY & US: VRYYF) could do HALF THAT in 2022, its value could be CAD$4B using the same model, a potential 3,000% return!

Consider shares of The Very Good Food Co. (CSE: VERY & US: VRYYF) NOW!

There’s MUCH MORE to this. The underlying FUNDAMENTAL STRENGTH is in the repeat business the company is seeing; its mouth-to-mouth marketing, organically spreading from one happy diner to another, is INVALUABLE!

Tomorrow, I’ll break the business model down for you – this is going to be one of the most incredible companies I’ve EVER COVERED!

Consider becoming a shareholder of Very Good Food (CSE: VERY)!

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