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We Are Searching For 1,000% Gains!

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Stock Market Wealth

We Are Searching For 1,000% Gains!

Feb 18, 2017 | Stock Market Wealth

A tremendous wealth-generating opportunity is now underway, but since it isn’t forming in Europe or North America, most investors aren’t aware of it.

One of the greatest social and economic transformations in human history is urbanization, and it has many decades of growth ahead.

It’s Time to Profit in a Massive Way.

In 1950, only 30% of the world’s population was living in cities, but one century later, we will see this flipped – 70% will be urbanized, while only 30% will be in rural areas.

Today, the top 600 urban areas create an astounding 60% of global GDP.

When Wealth Research Group began analyzing the critical minerals market, our main objective was to understand one key characteristic: which mineral is now vital to urbanization, but is only now beginning to be mined for it.

The opportunity in urbanization has to do with Asia and the excessive amounts of pollution that citizens now endure daily.

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Outdoor pollution is currently linked to 3 million deaths annually, and this pollution is costing the global economy a colossal $5 trillion per year.

In China, the smog mask industry is $600M already, but the real solution comes from reorganizing their car industry.

All the major car manufacturers are now shifting towards electric vehicles, and one mineral is what I call the “Urbanization Mineral.”

Without sufficient quantities of it, this global shift into electric vehicles will be extremely costly, and perhaps impossible.

Throughout the extensive time I dedicate to researching the natural resource sector, the one theme, going back centuries, is that when a new technology surfaces, along with changing preferences, a supply constraint and skyrocketing demand result in a unique type of environment for wealth creation.

In 2017, cobalt is that metal.

Cobalt is used as precursors (cobalt compounds) for cathodes in rechargeable batteries and jet turbine generators, where high temperature strength is critical.

Cobalt is used in jet turbines for aeroengines and other aerospace applications. Cobalt is also used in land-based turbines for power generation.

It is alloyed with aluminum and nickel to form powerful magnets.


Chemical applications for rechargeable batteries accounted for 49% of total global demand for cobalt.

The energy requirement for EVs is expected to grow at 16% per annum until 2025, which translates to 75% to 78% of total cobalt production.

Tesla isn’t the only player in the EV market, because now Ford Motors is on board to produce 13 models. Porsche is creating a car, and GM is committed to electric Chevrolets, as well as all the major German manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

Global Supply and Our Opportunity

Over 50% of cobalt reserves are located in the African Copper Belt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.

Cobalt production is generally a byproduct of nickel and copper mines, with 60% of cobalt production coming from copper mining, an additional 38% from nickel operations, and only 2% from primary cobalt mines.

We have been patiently waiting to see exactly when cobalt becomes seriously depleted on a global basis, and now is the perfect time to become shareholders of the best companies.

Since investing in Congo and Zambia is extremely risky, we focused our efforts on North America, where no major discoveries have occurred and the terrain is underexplored.

Wealth Research Group has now eliminated 34 projects that were unattractive, and we’re completing the due diligence on our top 3 stocks to watch.

I plan to profile our top companies to own in this 3- to 4-year deficit cycle in the coming weeks to members of the free newsletter and provide a thorough review of existing positions as well.

Stock Market Wealth

We Are Searching For 1,000% Gains!

Feb 18, 2017 | Stock Market Wealth

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