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The U.S. government spends $4,000 per second! That is UNSUSTAINABLE!
With Trump in office, the proposed tax cuts and the infrastructure plan in motion, there is a massive inflationary challenge coming in and closing on the average investor. Make sure you follow the 5-step plan to ensure your wealth HERE!


The World’s silver market is totally and utterly dominated by the COMEX rigged paper traders. JP Morgan, HSBC, Barclay’s and others are manipulating prices down and this creates a serious opportunity. Silver is the only precious metal still below its 1980 high – silver stocks could be this bull market’ top perfomring asset. Research one of the Ultimate Silver companies HERE!

Over 58% of the U.S. population fully supports the legalization of cannabis.

Globally, there are over 450 million cannabis consumers, and this number is growing by the second.

Cannabis has a wide range of customers, including young professionals, baby boomers, senior citizens, and recreational users.
Major advancements in the marijuana industry include the formation of exchange platforms where it will be traded, agricultural technology that will enable refined crops, modern greenhouses, and smarter manufacturing procedures.

There is a fortune to be made, but you must be early.

The war on cash has Investors looking for alternative ways to combat this and are converting to physical gold.

Negative interest rates orce Savers to pay borrowers for the privilege of lending them money. This is the true time-tested indicator for price mania in gold.

Demand is outstripping supply and this is the most fundamental economic principle that is, and right now, it screams higher gold and silver prices.

The best strategy involves gold and silver STOCKS!

In the 21st century, urbanization is creating challenges on our planet that can only be triumphed by entrepreneurs, who have incredible abilities. Larry Page, founder of Google, Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk, are just a few of a wide range of billionaires investing heavily in 3 critical metals: Lithium, Uranium and Cobalt.
Get access to our complete coverage of these 3 critical minerals HERE!

Wealth is never lost – it is merely transferred from the naive masses to the savvy few. 
During times of epic global changes, it’s imperative we all push ourselves to think independently.
Stand your ground, educate yourself, don’t panic, and come out a winner on the other side.

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The Swiss Central Bank has disclosed a massive $1BB position in Gold & Silver stocks. These 25+ companies are now full of cash, and looking for potential candidates to buyout immediately. Small-Cap stocks that are takeover targets will be the next wave of Gold riches. Learn exactly how to identify them with this Special Report.
The U.S. Dollar is in his final stretch as the world’s reserve currency. This will be the most important change in the 21st century and will affect people worldwide. The bankers are attempting to keep control over the system as long as they can, and we can oursmart them by building a specific type of portfolio that performs better than any other in inlfationary, uncertain times. Investors who follow this portfolio are Metalionaires. Download our Special Report on how to potentially make a fortune as this event unfolds here!

The retirement hoax is exposed! The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections won’t and can’t change the monumentous debts of the governments around the globe or the insane amount of unfunded liabilities promised to retirees. Weath Research Group reveals the truth about your lost dream and aims to wake you up, so you can build a financial fortress and design your own retirement with 3 separate solutions specifically for each age group:
Fortressing: Building Your Own Economy For Retirement:
AGES 20-35!
AGES 35-55!
AGES 55+!

Metalionaires – Mining Executive Interviews

Partnering with the top people in the industry is a sure-fire way to succeed at resource investing. Make sure to learn all the details on the top Lithium company on the planet HERE!


With 2017 ahead of us, Gregory Crowe, President & CEO of Silver One Resources, shares his insights of the silver market in 2017. With the manipulation on the silver market finally exposed, learn the true story of JP Morgan price rigging HERE!


Titans of Industry Interviews

Gold and Silver are money. You own them as a form of savings – a diversification out of fiat currencies – they retain purchasing power. Gold and Silver are not a form of savings, but of speculation. When you own them, you get to participate in the most volatile and explosive sector of stocks. You also need to know precisely how to succeed. Get the Personal Portfolio for 2017 of Wealth Research Group Founder HERE!

Resource legend Rick Rule is a master at finding undervalued Hard Assets and making huge sums of money from it. In this mind-boggling interview, he explain why Uranium is extremely unique and attractive. In this Special Report we created is the research we have done on Uranium’s incredible potential to your portfolio.
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The investing environment is going to become extremely challenging, confusing and many people are going to commit grave mistakes, resulting in catastrophic losses if they don’t become educated. As a first step towards preparing for the future – get a “behind the scenes” look at what I am doing personally. download my personal game plan for 2016 – no holds barred. You can access this Special Report here!
Famed investor Jim Rogers is one of the great ones. In this epic interview, he reveals what are the imminent dangers to the economy, and always provides advice on where to find value – China. Jim believes that commodities will play a major role in China’s development, and that positioning yourself would be immensely profitable. Read our Special Report on China’s commodities boom here.

Protecting yourself, your family and your portfolio have never been more important than today. We are nearing the end of the Dollar era, and now the central banks are becoming more and more “creative” or sesparate. Manipulations are abound, as they are trying to keep the game tunning a little while longer. Don’t be fooled by their policies – instead learn how to defend and attack by owning the right assets Here!

If you still believe that your government and your central bank is working on your behalf, you are extremely naive. Since 2008, politicians and bankers have been crushing savers. Now is the time to prepare and thrive by using a Defense / Offense approach. Get all the details here!


Going forward, the mining sector will become more volatile, and weak and ncertain investors will be shaken out big time. The way to keep your composure and to stay the course, so you can benefit from the epic gains of the mania stage, be sure you are an avid student of mining history HERE!
Doug Casey has made tens of millions of Dollars speculating wisely in the resource sector. He sees a mining mania, but says that getting in the right companies is especially difficult today with over 2,000 traded companies. Get access to the best this industry has to offer. Study exactly what to look for in a mining stock HERE!


The world stands at the edge of a great precipice or a tremendous opportunity. The key to achieving a life of continued success in all areas is increased knowledge and applied proven strategies. Get the best of our research on how to prepare more and more daily!

This Inteview was all about revealing the greatest secrets of success of one of the greatest thinkers of our time. In the interview, James reveals true “Gold Nuggets” and stresses the value of continued learning. Become a Wealth Machine with our rich plethora of content daily HERE!

The most accomplished fund manager in resource investing Frank Holmes is bullish on Gold, Silver, Lithium and Cobalt. Get the insiders details on how to pick the best stocks in the industry HERE!

Silver is money. For thousands of years it has held its value and stored the wealth of its owners. Once central banks bwgin accumulating it once more, its price will absolutely experience a violent move up. This will cause silver stocks to be the best-performers on the TSX. Get immediate to the Pure-Balance Silver Portfolio HERE!
Gold Stocks seriously outperform the physical metal and Metalionaires need to take advantage of Stealth Strategies used by insiders to make epic life-changing gains. Learn the top secrets of professional resource investors HERE!
Rick Rule is one of the world’s premier experts on natural resources. He has made a fortune from the boom and bust cycles of metals and agriculture. Learn how the top insiders think and trade HERE!

Cannabis Pioneers

The individual states are now $1.9 Trillion in the hole – this is the deficit for local pension funds. Senators are desperate for taxes and marijuana legalization will be a huge new source of income. The dam has burst and now this trend is in full swing. Study exactly hpw tp become a Cannabis Pioneers Investor HERE
IMPORTANT interview with the Top Marijuana Legislator in Washington State. This is the Representative, who is charge of moving forward the regulations and laws for the U.S. cannabis profession. Get Serious about Matijuana investments and be part of MEGA profits HERE!


Establishment leaders on both sides: Democrats and Republicans hate Trump, and would love to see him overthrown.
When it comes to making sure your assets are well protected, Lior Gantz shares his personal portfolio for 2017 as well as an 8% yield stock perfect for retirees.

The U.S. burns $75 Billion Dollars per month, and it has $200 Billion on hand!
By June 1st, 2017, the debt ceiling will have to be risen again!
Investors should be very careful about the 9th year of this bull market, and protect themselves now by using Safe Havens and by understanding exactly what June 1st could mean to their portfolio!

Never before have these three major forces aligned in such a perfect way to create a precious metals bull market. Today’s War on Cash, Negative Interest Rates and $54 Billion Dollar supply gap in gold are driving resource stocks to make astonishing returns. In this interview, Lior Gantz guest appears on a well-respected financial channel and gives listeners a chance to see how 100% winners are found with this special report: Steroid Stocks: Digging for Profits
The global economy has so many moving parts that the best way to prepare is to be ready for anything. With the governments implementing negative interest rates, the Eurozone falling apart, and China trying to get a handle on the bubbles they created, Lior Gantz has drafted his personal game plan to prosper in 2016, and you can access it HERE!
A global deflationary spiral might be inevitable, but central banks are trying to create the opposite. Their actions are dangerous, and could lead to runaway inflation, distortion of the free market, and even a system reset. The most lucrative opportunity in today’s environment is to become a Metalionaire – an investor focused on mining shares. Learn the history behind our current economic situation and how to prosper from it Here!

Lior Gantz, our founder, is interviewed and answers questions regarding the global debt threat, exactly what to expect from precious metals going forward and why many investors will miss out on huge gains. It’s all recapped in Lior’s 2016 game plan – no holds barred. Download it HERE! 


One of main themes at Wealth Research Group is protection and preservation of capital. Interest rates are zero, growth in the Western world is sluggish and these are uncharted waters. Master the art of Defense / offense strategies NOW!


This interview made big headlines as the story of the upcoming “Muslim Law” and a possible silver monetization were discussed. Money is going through an important transformation as governments and central banks are unable to contain the debt cycle. Learn the essentials of running a healthy and balanced portfolio for these times HERE!
Preparing for the unexpected is a must. Any person should be taking steps to make sure he is protected in case he loses his main source of income, experiences a health issue, suffers a severe portfolio setback or is forced to start over. In this interview, Wealth Research Group founder, Lior Gantz, lays out how he prepares for calamity, but at the same time knows that worst case scenarios happen rarely, so it’s important to know how to thrive and survive. Learn the best strategies for 2017 and beyond HERE!
2016 Year-In-Review interview was epic! Lior covers the subjects of Zinc, Silver, demographics, and most important of all: the future. Lior sees amazing breakthroughs in technology making investors rich. Learn exactly which industries will boom HERE!
There is a massive bull market in resources, but if you’re an insider, there’s a great threat to your portfolio. Novice investors make serious emotional decisions that set them back years.
Never get sidetracked by learning what the InsiderPreneurs know! Click HERE!

FuturePreneurs Executive Summits

80 Million baby boomers are now hitting the retirement age. Their highest priority is staying vital and healthy. In order to do that, patents are being registered in the field of personalized medicine. Invest in the future by positioning NOW!