In 1968, the European leaders began feeling the cracks and started to have doubts. How can we trust that every $35 notes in existence are covered by a physical ounce of gold? They demanded an audit. In fact, France was adamant that the European countries depart from the dollar-backed gold system and launch their own separate one.

It was starting to look like the world was about to see a real dollar shock, so the government did the unthinkable.

The decoupling of gold from the 35:1 artificial fixated ratio created a 2,400% rally in the price of gold between 1971 and 1980 and it has led to its price going all the way to $2,078 just last week.

In 51 years, this asset is up 60X or 6,000%, all due to one initial decision to create the fiat monetary system.

I wasn’t around, when gold traded for $35/ounce and that pivotal change occurred.

This opportunity was clear to many, who realized that such a monumental change in the way that central banks and governments issue currency would bring an epic rally in precious metals and commodities prices.

Gold at $35/ounce is a non-recurring moment, which we’ll never get to experience or to capitalize upon again, but I think AN EVEN BIGGER MOMENT has arrived, because of a company, which has PATENTED a proprietary protocol in the most innovative field in the world today!


I’ve seen the cryptocurrency industry form and grow in front of my eyes. During those formative years, I heard from billionaires and titans of industry that Bitcoin is going to zero. Since Wealth Research Group planted the flag on Bitcoin at $450/coin, it has delivered over a 100X return!

I saw the same type of criticism, when it came to cannabis and, since then, it has birthed one of the largest groups of millionaires in America in the past few years.

In both cases, with my very own eyes, I saw people go from zero to multimillionaires and I have even met billionaires.

I stake my entire reputation on this and I already see giants like Peter Thiel, Kevin O’Leary and others mounting the charge, making big bets in this industry and my attention is FULLY-DEVOTED to one company, which I believe researching should be your top priority today, chiefly because of their PATENT, their FOUNDER and their business model!

Conduct an in-depth due diligence of Wesana Health (US: WSNAF) NOW!

To really understand the scope and size of the potential, understand that Wesana Health (US: WSNAF) operates in an industry that HAS NOT YET developed the protocols for treatment!

This sector is so ripe for growth that I cannot help, but to compare it to the first cars, which were manufactured, before there were even roads and petrol stations.

Wait until you research the founder, Daniel Carcillo (the NHL Stanley Cup Winner… Twice)! We’ve hit a slam dunk with Wesana Health (US: WSNAF)!


In 2009 through to 2011, I saw silver going from $9/ounce to nearly $49/ounce and watched how some of the silver-focused mining stocks soared by over 1,000%. It was a major eye-opener for me and prepared me for 2016, when the miners surged once more.

Every 3-5 years, there’s a sector that catches fire and see its venture-type stocks go up by quadruple-digits, but it’s rare to see once-in-50 years opportunities or the birth of entire new industries, such as the rise of E-commerce or Cannabis legalization.

Those created 100-baggers or opportunities to make 10,000%, as we saw with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon or numerous cannabis companies that reached multibillion dollar valuations from humble beginnings.

The chance to make 100X was studied by numerous financial historians and market experts and they’ve come to the following conclusions, happens primarily thanks to THREE FACTORS:

  1. On to Something BIG – Stocks that appreciated by 10,000% (100-baggers) need to grow ultra-fast, and that has implied disrupting an entire industry and revolutionizing it.

You must really have a hit service or product.

That’s not the only way, though, as there’s a second path as well.

  1. BEING SUPER EARLY – This is the type we’re hunting for.

When Future Money Trends highlighted Bitcoin at $13/coin, we literally profiled the No.1 opportunity of the decade, for instance; being early paid-off.

Being early means that you apply for the first patents, collect the initial data and build the first business models to capitalize on the demand.

  1. Time and PATIENCE – Most 100-baggers simply take 20-25 years to get there.

When looking at the companies that continued to execute their business models and their share price appreciated by 10,000%, the main reason for it is that they grew earnings over the course of a generation (25 years) by that much and the share price correlated with the growth in their bottom line.

We have found a potential candidate for the 2nd type, the SUPER EARLY kind. It’s a company whose business model is to be dominating as the leader in a frontier industry. I’m going to publish the information this weekend.

If their business model is properly executed, the potential is to become one of those rare and remarkable stocks.

The founder of the company owns 22% of the outstanding shares and he is ALL-IN and then some!

He Founded Wesana Health (US: WSNAF) because this industry saved his life and he wanted to make sure that he develops the best technology and treatment for those, who desperately need it.

Daniel Carcillo is a 2-time Stanley Cup winner, who spent HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars of his savings and nearly blew through his entire savings to cure his traumatic brain injury.

After trying everything Big Pharma sells, he was open to anything and through trial and error found the right dosage of Psilocybin and plant medicines and WON his LIFE back!

Wesana Health (US: WSNAF) is already a component in the psychedelics ETF, yet no one I asked knew the first thing about it; the stock is completely under-the-radar, because the IPO happened less than a year ago and they’re already in talks with the FDA to advance their drug development process!

Developing the FIRST DRUGS in the psychedelics industry is a multibillion dollar business, so we’re on the same page and Wesana Health (US: WSNAF) is advancing quickly!

The market cap is only $30M, as I write this and their business is already bringing in revenue from operating three clinics!

Their cash flow comes from treating patients now and their dream exit comes from becoming the PIONEER in drug development.

In terms of upside potential, this is one of the top five companies I’ve ever encountered in over 20 years!

Governments Have Amassed ungodly Debt Piles and Have Promised Retirees Unreasonable Amounts of Entitlements, Not In Line with Income Tax Collections. The House of Cards Is Set To Be Worse than 2008! Rising Interest Rates Can Topple The Fiat Monetary Structure, Leaving Investors with Less Than Half of Their Equity Intact!

Protect Yourself Now, By Building A Fully-Hedged Financial Fortress!

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