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We were early. In fact, to our knowledge, no other newsletter beat us to these:

  1. Ethereum at $12.17 in March 2017.
  2. Monero at $19.38 in April 2017.
  3. Steem at $0.21.
  4. Interviewing Amanda Johnson of Dash – when it was ONLY $31.09.
  5. Interviewing Charlie Lee when Litecoin was just shy of $23.11.

2017 brought us a massive fortune. Some subscribers got personal and sent in emails with stories of paid-off debts, gifts to their family members, and other celebrations. It was a unique time, for sure.

Then, I published my “Cousin Indicator” warning about a family member of mine whose only foray into the markets was taking a picture with the Wall Street bull statue in New York City. He asked me to help him invest in Ripple after he saw that my alert on it had soared 1,000% between December 2017 and January 2018. Two weeks later, Bitcoin topped-off. 

Not only did it peak in price, but it immediately began crashing like an out-of-control Formula 1 racecar. With it, there was so much talk about this bubble being nothing but a fake technological boom, fad, or brief moment of euphoric insanity.

Billionaires like Buffett, Munger, and others wasted no time mercilessly claiming this to be nonsense and part of a social problem. However, in Venezuela, Turkey, and other regions suffering from hyperinflation and general lack of trust in the political and banking system, people started using blockchain to SAVE their wealth, control their destiny, and protect their future.

Like in previous bear markets, when Bitcoin went down 80%-90%, this one wasn’t any different. From nearly $20,000 a coin, it reached a low near the $3,000 range.


Thus far, 2019 has not seen any meaningful approvals for the anticipated ETFs, the launch of Bakkt, or any of the catalysts that are supposed to be responsible for an explosion in new account users.

Still, since the price bottomed in early February, it is back up 56%.

Over the years, there have been several schools of thought pegging the price of Bitcoin to various political and monetary events – wars, conflicts, inflation, unemployment, tech boom, Millennials’ fascination, illegal activity, and other less direct causes have all been deemed the catalyst for buying.

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    What’s certain is that there is still no clear notion as to what prompts price movements, and that’s partly the point. The lack of correlation to other asset classes is a big part of the charm, allure, and reason to have exposure to cryptocurrencies. They can explode, irrespective of stocks and bonds and maintain prices, while real estate tanks, for example.

    What my research has truly revealed is that most altcoins should be treated like start-up companies: high failure rate, full of innovative geniuses, super-risky and very exciting.

    Now with the price over $5,100 again, the next major milestone is the $6,500 range, which will mark a 100% gain from the February bottom. It will also be a clear confirmation that previous support has now turned into resistance.

    What I’m focusing on is uncovering companies that are looking to be the Levi’s Jeans for prospectors. I’m less interested in speculating as to which coin will do best. The industry is growing in general, and I want us to CAPITALIZE FULLY by aggressively pursuing opportunities to provide value to various cryptocurrencies or familiar brands that are advancing in this space.

    Expect big announcements very shortly – I’m on a tear.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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