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Xi’s Madness Will Cost Him Dearly

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Is He an Amateur like Putin or Worse?

1.4bn people… you’d think that if you governed so many citizens, you’d try to make friends with other countries, but it seems that Xi Jinping is much more occupied with presiding over what will end up being a global catastrophe of biblical proportions.

China has never been a true global might… its vast river network and incredible shoreline have always allowed it to be a dominant Asian force, but its topography and geography have determined that China must depend upon globalization for its growth. However, because its communist party is the world’s most suicidal regime, it has decided to go against the very thing that allowed it to become wealthy and prosperous.

It is beyond my comprehension, but it appears that some human beings are incapable of humility and their thirst for messianic-like recognition is too blinding to overcome.

Xi Jinping should call Washington D.C. every morning and ask the president, whoever he or she happens to be at the time, how his day going and how his coffee is and whether he received the flowers Beijing sent – but rather than gratitude, the CCP has sabotaged the very lifeline that gave its citizenry a chance to prosper.

China was the clear winner of globalization. America turned a blind eye to its IP theft, military aspirations, psychological warfare and Belt-and-Road initiative, because it reasoned that no leader worth his salt would ever jeopardize the free lunch that the world’s largest economy was handing its Asian counterpart.

China can’t feed or provide energy to its own population, nor can it achieve any economic growth, without exports and industry.

Xi’s political party, just like Putin’s, has made sure that he only receives news that he wants to hear, and that will satisfy his lust for power.

Like Putin, he is detached from reality.

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    China’s geography is challenging and is barricaded by the First Island Chain.


    This chain of islands, comprised of hundreds of smaller ones and a dozen or so big ones, is what blocks China from accessing the open waters freely and threatening the United States in the Pacific.

    The U.S. army has tens of thousands of stationed troops occupying these waters, and before you get all Dwight-D-Eisenhower on me and blame the neocons and the warmongers for everything that’s wrong with the world, like an immature baby who knows nothing about politics (except what Chinese and Russian bots tell you to think), America is there to protect America’s interests, which, I can tell you unequivocally, are far nobler than those of China.

    If you disagree even for a millisecond, you should pack a bag, sell your home, take your family and move to China. There is no excuse in the de-globalization of the bipolar world we are entering to complain about why American troops need to be policing communist dictatorships – you can join them, if you like them so much.

    I hear some right-wing babies in character who assert that America should just mind its own business and leave everyone else alone… where in the name of Einstein did you read that research?

    America’s failure has been in trying to democratize countries that have religious regimes, but its successes have brought the human race more peace and prosperity in the past 80 years than it has known previously in all of human existence, combined.

    And, for some reason, Xi Jinping thinks this party needs to end. It will cost him dearly first.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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