China is expanding its infrastructure spending at a rapid pace, and every key metric is pointing to accelerated growth.

  • Every mega project on the planet requires zinc, an anti-corrosion fighter that is mostly used in galvanizing and is the 4th most in-demand metal in the world.
  • This year, two major mines have depleted and shut down, and a genuine supply deficit is happening, just as demand keeps soaring and stockpiles are diminishing.
  • This translates to a potentially life-changing bull market for early investors. Out of 143 companies that we have researched, only two stood the rigorous month-long due-diligence we conducted.
  • The upside potential is remarkable.

Download Zinc: High Demand – Short Supply,
including a full analysis of our top two zinc stock picks

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    We have also entered into an agreement with the company and currently have been paid fifty thousand dollars for a one day marketing program.