This is Lior Gantz, founder of Wealth Research Group. In 2016, we made 8 gold stock suggestions, and from February 2016 until present day, 5 of them have gained over 250% and one of them was named one of the 10 top-performing stocks in the entire TSX Venture exchange!

We are extremely picky and selective when it comes to junior gold stocks, and my gut feeling and the research my team and I have put into this company tell me that it could make it to the top of your portfolio in 2017.

Consider Shares of Kenadyr Mining (TSX-V: KEN) Immediately!

Here’s the investment summary for you, after spending close to two months conducting due diligence and speaking with the management team on an almost daily basis:

  1. Timing: This company has just started trading (March 31st, 2017). If you’ve ever wanted to partner up early, you couldn’t find a more optimal gold stock.
  2. The Crew: Research these bios: Tookie Angus, Bryan Slusarchuk, Dr. Alexander Baker, and Douglas Kerwin.
    Let me share with you what I know about Doug Kerwin, who has served as a vice president for Gold Fields and Ivanhoe Mines. His teams have led to several major discoveries, including one in Mongolia that awarded him with a PDAC Thayer Lindsley medal – a recognition only attached to the best geologists in the world. He is an expert on central Asia geology.
  3. The Loophole: Take a look at the world’s top gold mines and you’ll notice right off the bat that Kyrgyzstan, the small central Asian republic, is a gold capital.

Not only do some of the world’s largest and highest-grade gold mines actively operate there, but:

  1. The country’s central bank has recently urged citizens to buy gold in a story that was all over Bloomberg and Zero Hedge.
  2. It borders China, the largest gold consumer ever.
  3. It was once part of the Soviet Union.

That’s exactly why Kenadyr Mining’s executives have aggressively pursued the Borubai project!

Here lies the loophole…

Now, what I want you to pay attention to is the savvy thinking of this crew.

You’ll notice that Zijin Mining, a $2B giant out of China, has a producing high-grade mine called TBL. As is very visible, it ends abruptly without any real justification in geological terms where the purple, yellow, orange, and pink areas are.

Back in the Soviet days, when these deposits were mapped and borders were drawn, the east, south, west, and northwest areas were left out of Zijin’s ownership, but underneath the ground, the mineralization continues!

This entire area that is portrayed outside Zijin’s mine is owned by Kenadyr Mining (TSX-V: KEN), which is why it is a sure-fire play for the Chinese mining behemoth to buy them out soon.

That’s not all of it, though. Since the Soviets were the last to drill these holes and the technology they used was primitive — even for those times, with many errors, failures, and low recovery — it is a well-documented fact that just by drilling the same historical holes with modern technology, you can achieve far better and more conclusive results.

This is the loophole this crew unearthed, and we can now own part of this untapped potential by owning shares early, way before the renewed drilling results start to surface.


Gold Ounces: This is what had truly put the seal of approval that caused us to profile Kenadyr Mining (TSX-V: KEN) as our No. 1 Takeover Mega Profit Gold Stock of 2017.

The company already has high-grade mineralized gold in the zone extending along the south border of Zijin’s TBL license!


Now, the thing is, it’s an unclassified historic resource of 900,000oz Au @ 8.3g Au/T.

If the chart above and the recent companies to use this strategy are sufficient proof, these 900,000 ounces of historical gold could actually mean 1,800,000-4,500,000 ounces, and the company will be drilling the existing holes to reveal these potentially misleading Soviet results!

Around the mining community, it is a well-known fact that Zijin Mining, a $2B company, is the “takeover queen” because of its methodic pursuit of projects to merge into their portfolio.

Takeovers are exactly what the big companies need now – they’ve reached peak production and must replace depleting assets.

This is the potential we have in front of us
with Kenadyr Mining (TSX-V: KEN)

The 900,000 ounces are from historical drill results from the Soviet Union – the Soviets’ equipment delivered poor core recoveries, and with other companies, just re-drilling the same holes delivered 2 to 5 times better results!

It means that this resource could be much bigger, and this isn’t just pure speculation – look at the comparison above of the gold mine whose ore body connects to Kenadyr’s.

This stock, then, is probably the only way you will ever get to buy gold at 20c on the dollar, because simply utilizing modern technology might unlock what the Soviets overlooked back in the day.

Kyrgyzstan is a gold hub, and this company is the newest player in the field.

Consider Shares of Kenadyr Mining Corp. (TSX-V: KEN) Immediately!

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