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    Israel’s Prime Minister Assassination: One Costly Mistake

    On November 4th 1995, when I was just eleven years old and in the 5th grade, Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin was assassinated at the end of a peace rally in Tel Aviv by an Israeli citizen.

    Narrow Escape – Debt Ceiling INSANITY!

    Today, I want to discuss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and something that is even more rare than that – a once-in-a-millennia opportunity!

    The Mossad and Gold: I Found a Connection

    Tamir Pardo is an Ex-Chief of the Mossad.

    Unfortunately, Gold Could Tank for Months on End

    In my favorite book of all time, a little work titled The Greatest Thing in the World by Henry Drummond, written in 1891, the author talks about the characteristics of the ideal human being. Out of the chief nine traits that comprise this individual and his relentless pursuit of improving upon them, he names ‘Sincerity’ and clarifies what the optimal mind defines as being sincere.

    Debt Ceiling Chaos: We’ve Got Unfinished Business

    Who knows for how long, but there was a time, lasting perhaps centuries or more, when the majority believed that planet Earth was the center of the universe.