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    POKING Putin: NATO Mobilizes for May ‘23 NUKE LAUNCH!

    The EndTwo weeks ago, when I was in France, in the village of Valmorel, my wife and I took the chairlift up the mountain. As we got off it, in front of us were two attractions: (1) a paragliding slope, where you ski for 10 meters and then you're in the air, gliding...

    LAW of the LAND: Powell to Biden – My ORDERS to Crash GOLD!

    In 2002, Steven Spielberg produced and directed Catch Me If You Can, the autobiographical story of Frank Abagnale Jr., whose real-life story is almost impossible to believe – yet it is true, and in it, Leonardo Di Caprio plays Frank, a teenager who impersonates a doctor, lawyer, and even a Pan-American airline pilot.

    GOLD COLLAPSING: Dramatic Drop – No One Knows WHY!

    No need to be alarmed; the price of gold isn’t plummeting, but I was sent this message yesterday, before the FED meeting, along with an attached chart. The sender told me that gold is insanely overvalued right now and that we’re about to see it go down to an abyss of $1,700, when the Federal Reserve continues raising rates into a recession.

    KLAUS SCHWAB Loses It: Globalists Panicked – DEBT CEILING!

    For 40 years, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has been an influential figure in shaping policies – primarily in the West – and how they relate to other countries and global dominance.

    I Came From Nothing!

    Poverty as far as the eye can see is how I can describe my grandparents’ experience.