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    Biden, Get Your S**T Together. We’re SUFFERING!

    When the most accurate A.I. tool for determining mistakes and their impact on human life on this planet will be asked who had the best hand dealt to him, only to ruin it in a way that is beyond recognition, the finger will point to William Jefferson Clinton, A.K.A Jeffrey Epstein’s buddy on the Lolita Express.

    SHAMEFUL: World Leaders RIDICULE Biden

    Winning has made you pathetic and weak, and I can’t stand to watch it.

    Biden is the NATIONAL SECURITY Threat

    Movies have been made about the number of former NFL players, NBA players, heavyweight boxing champions, and veterans who, after long and illustrious careers, hang their shoes but are unable to reinvent themselves.

    Don’t Get it Twisted: Abysmal Recession – UNAVOIDABLE

    Yesterday, the IDF was able to retrieve valuable memos from meetings held by Hamas’ top leadership in the months leading up to the October 7th massacre, and they revealed how their ability to read the West’s predictable nature works against the civilized world.

    Biden’s Frail: Israel Attacks Iran ON THEIR OWN

    It seems like second nature to Americans: If a conflict is brewing somewhere on planet Earth, Washington has a stake in the game.