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    Soros, I’m Coming After You

    I believe in the immutable law of cause and effect. Everything in life, every detail about this infinite universe is so precise, scientific and elegant, but it requires accurate thinking to fall in love with, appreciate, and humbly adhere to it.

    I Said $37/oz Silver. You Think I’m Nuts?

    This past quarter, I listened to over 50 earnings calls. The ones I care about most are, of course, those of my largest holdings: The Trade Desk (TTD), ServiceNow (NOW), Roper Technologies (ROP), Arch Capital (ACGL), Axon Enterprises (AXON), Vertiv (VRT), Cintas (CTAS), Fair Issac (FICO), Idexx Laboratories (IDXX), and Gartner (IT).

    Mr. Trump Is a False Prophet

    Do you know who said “Mr. Trump is a False Prophet?” It’s the same person who was denounced years ago by John McCain, the Vietnam war hero that the United States voters utterly failed in electing to the office of President, the highest calling in the free world.

    I Don’t Like Trump’s Verdict One Bit

    The United States of America is run by three people that have no regard for the Constitution, and they’re pushed along by the worst president in U.S. history: Barack Obama.

    Silver Is Staging a Meeting with the Divine

    Bidenomics is helping the rich like you wouldn’t believe!