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    IMMINENT Sharp Market Disruption

    Last week, I read commentary from several of the world’s largest hedge fund managers, in which they predict calamity and chaos.

    Critical De-Globalization Turning Point

    I’ve been watching a few war documentaries lately and realized just how many people used to keep journals and personal diaries, which are important because they give you the unfiltered and unapologetic truth.

    Drastic Behavior in Gold; Powell Sparks Panic

    Wednesday’s FOMC meeting and the Q&A session with journalists afterwards reminded me of the September 2018 through December 2018 period.

    Putin Already Shaping 2024 Presidential Elections

    Russia. With a quarter of the world’s natural gas reserves, a sixth of the world’s coal reserves and one of the world’s most important oil producers, Russia is the only European Petro-State.

    Ray Dalio Stinks – China Doesn’t Stand a Chance

    Tomorrow, my wife and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary. We began dating in October 2005 and were married in September 2011. After nearly eighteen years together, in three years from now, we will have been together for 21 years. At that time I’ll be 42, which means that half of my life will have been spent with my wife.