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From smartphones to streaming, emerging technologies and transformative innovations have the power to change the world – and make investors fabulously wealthy if they bought shares at the right time. Most people will unfortunately never experience this kind of success because they rely on corporate news outlets to tell them how to invest.

They didn’t think of buying Google, Netflix, or Tesla stock until the shares were already very expensive. They didn’t even start to report on Bitcoin until it was nearly $20,000 and they didn’t take the legalized cannabis market seriously until the demand was so strong that they couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Cannabis is part of an undeniable trend in consumer activity: today’s consumers want wellness products that aren’t based on harmful chemicals or addictive medications. The hemp plant is as natural as anything you’ll find in the world, and if you followed my cannabis market stock signals, you could be up on your investments.

One thing you should know about me is that I don’t invest in products whose primary purpose is to get people “high” – that’s not the kind of product I would recommend and it’s not the type of company I would suggest for sustainable growth. I focus on products that are legal and have a proven consumer base that’s ready and willing to buy the product again and again.

A specific company I’m looking at today has already capitalized on the legalized cannabis boom, of the robust demand for natural wellness solutions.

This little company with big potential  is called The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS & US: BOSQF), and it’s  president and CEO is Ms. Penny White, a securities lawyer and maverick entrepreneur who’s taking the $4.2 trillion global wellness market by storm.

The Yield Growth Corp. has more than 200 proprietary formulas available for licensing and distribution. It’s target markets span numerous cannabis-friendly regions, including Canada, the United States, Colombia, and Europe.

Ms. White has gathered a dream team of executives and board members featuring deep experience with global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Aritzia, Skechers, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi. Having already established its footprint in legalized cannabis, The Yield Growth Corp. is now branching out into the unexplored and lucrative frontier of natural wellness: products infused with medicinal mushrooms.

The Yield Growth Corp. subsidiary Flourish Mushroom Labs is researching and developing psilocybin mushroom compounds for legal therapeutic use. They’ve even signed a letter of intent to help build a laboratory for the cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms for medicinal purposes (not for getting “high”).

The preponderance of evidence is promising : psychedelic mushrooms could have significant health benefits for sufferers of mental health issues, depression, alcoholism, and other ailments. According to, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the Usona Institute breakthrough therapy designation for psilocybin for the treatment of major depressive disorder.

Even beyond the potential for developing a new medical frontier, legal edible mushrooms are big business, with Fortune Business Insights predicting the market to hit a whopping $34.3 billion by the year 2024. Headway is also being made on the policy front, with Denver and Oakland already having decriminalized psilocybin-enhanced mushrooms last year and the FDA allowing a company to test psilocybin in October.

Smart-money investors are seeing this as the next blockbuster natural wellness trend, but your options are limited. Now you know the industry secret: BOSS/BOSQF shares and The Yield Growth Corp. provide access right now so you can invest early and watch this niche market potentially go mainstream – it could  be first to market and first to reap the rewards.

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