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The Power of Expectation

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Personal Finance

The Power of Expectation

May 29, 2016 | Personal Finance

The Magic Words

There are about 5 words that define the core of my philosophy in life.

These are my “magic words.” Through time, personal experience, observing others, and much reading, I formed my truth – what I believe produces happiness, peace of mind, and the best results for me.

Expect“Expectancy” is one of these magic words.

I have never shared the magic words’ impact or significance in any publication before, so this is exciting for me.

All people want a high standard of living; how to achieve it remains largely a mystery.

One of my businesses involves building great relationships with high net-worth families, including children. I get see firsthand how the wealthy live, educate their children, and I see how they grow to become teens and young adults. My observation after a decade has proven that it is a mistaken notion that money is the cure to happiness because you can purchase more things. If you hold that notion in mind, you are dead wrong.

Raising Your Standard of Living

Expectancy is the sure way to a high standard of living, and take my word for it, once you nail this thought habit, big money follows, along with many other of life’s majestic gifts.

Expectancy is the art and skill of looking only at the best and completely disregarding the rest. This is a miraculous mental medicine.

It makes everything worth doing, since you have convinced yourself that it will surely work out. The effects on your quality of life are incredible.

Expectancy is not to be confused with passiveness, wishing for things to work out, and being naive about human nature and what works and what doesn’t or taking risks that are uncalculated.

On the contrary, expectancy humbles you and helps you to take things in their true proportions. For me, it made me understand that I am not special or immune to mistakes, so I must always do the best I can and expect the rest to fall into place. In other words, expectancy makes me work smarter and more efficiently. My mind is fixed on results, and decisions are made with total resolve. Before this, I was constantly nervous about anything – big or small. No one likes someone who is — without cease — checking up on them. That’s how I was. Expectancy forces you to partner up, hire, and collaborate only with the best. It also builds trust, because others around you are inspired by the high expectations you set. Teamwork becomes impeccable – all members of the business are aligned and there is little need for communication. In fact, most of the time, you intuitively know what you should be doing to advance the business.

Joys of Expecting the Best

Here’s a few of the most powerful joys that accompany a person that expects the best:

  • Expectancy in love and romance brings a life-long inspiration to court one another and come up with new ways of winning love. Above all, it creates a synergy and commitment to a better life every day. EXPECT, EXPECT, EXPECT!
  • Expectancy among friends makes the bond stronger and more meaningful by treating each other like soul mates. It allows freedom and open dialogue, and best of all, planning great adventures together.
  • Expectancy with yourself is critical, and I wish more people thought of themselves as successful and accomplished even before they did their first step in anything they want to undertake. For me, this type of expectancy has to do with my physical health – mainly a balanced nutrition, exercise, and quality sleep.
  • Expectancy in business is monumental to success. Can you imagine Steve Jobs not expecting to change the world? It was expectancy — a thought habit common to all truly successful individuals in all walks of life — that drove Apple to become the largest corporation in history. If you want riches, expect it! Generating big profits means trusting that the people you work with will deliver, and this attitude of yours germinates the culture of the company, which liberates individuals to perform at their highest. High performance is the main factor in creating a premium product or service that others prefer over the supposed competition.

Improve Your Life Starting Now

Here’s how you can improve your life for the better, starting this moment:

  1. Write down a major goal for 2016.
  2. Get to work making it happen.
  3. Expect and inspire others by only doing what is needed to accomplish it – think solutions. Be entirely worry-free.
    Fantastic opportunities will be captured by your mind, and all kinds of coincidences will happen to speed up the achievement of the goal.
  4. Become grateful at all times.

You can’t even imagine how good another person feels when you see only the best in him and overlook the rest. You are giving him one pf the rarest gifts one can give — a sense of real worth — and your mental effort will always be rewarded and multiplied.

You have to live with yourself all day, every day, and these “magical words” make this journey a treat.

Do it!

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