Metals Power Play

Stacking gold acts as a safety net and a portfolio hedge, but if you’re looking for balance other commodities and energy plays might make sense. One to look into is uranium. Twenty percent of U.S. electricity is nuclear and with new clean energy requirements, this will likely only increase. We’ll take a look at the story behind uranium and Uranium Energy Corp.

Gold Bullion Demand is UP 617%!! | US Mint Figures Skyrocket!!

US Mint gold bullion demand has skyrocketed to 617% for the year! Gold spot price may be stagnant now, but this move in gold will drive prices! Gold futures executives are even now saying that physical bullion demand is the critical metric which explains the current market sentiment. We may be in for at least two Fed rate hikes of 50 basis points this year, but we may even see a rate hike of 75 basis points! The May 2022 jobs report was recently released, and I provide my opinion on the report, but when CPI numbers are released, if they are not definitively showing a change, look out! You won’t want to miss this one!

Video of the Week featuring GoldMining Inc.

A Generational Wealth Creation Opportunity

Rarely in investing to opportunities like this come about. But about once every generation, certain asset classes are hated and feared so much by the market that they are valued far below what they should be. It is only a matter of time before the market realizes the insane value available and a flood of money rushes in to take advantage. Now is that time, and you have a chance to buy great companies at even greater prices.

Video of the Week featuring GoldMining Inc.