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Xi is a Cockroach… De-Dollarization is an Ugly Myth

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Putin Will Also Get What’s Coming to Him

“Eleanor” is the name of a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 that Memphis (played by Nicholas Cage) had in the 2000 film “Gone in 60 Seconds” co-starring Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall, Giovanni Ribisi, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. In it, we see what a person would do and the lengths they’ll go to in order to protect a crown jewel (a rare gem such as a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500) from a criminal organization that’s looking to steal valuable cars.

It’s hard for the average person to truly appreciate the masterpiece that is a collectible car, but the world’s richest people and smartest investors love collectibles…

The reason is that a rare vehicle signifies the pure joy of production and construction. It defines an era and brings one in line with the genius of the past.

The country of Israel is like a rare mechanical marvel. In 75 years, it turned malaria-ridden swampland and dry, sandy dunes and deserts into one of the most vibrant and flourishing civilizations and countries in the world.

It sits there in the middle of chaos nestled between dozens of failed societies and poor nations with murder, a lack of human rights, theft, civil wars, and 6th-century brutalities, illiteracy, and violence.

Worse, it’s winning… so it reveals to the billions in the region from the African Sahara to the far east that they could have succeeded if they had the discipline, values, and life-driven principles of this unique group in the middle of the jungle.

It shines like a beacon in the rough seas, and that drives the other side mad!

It reflects to the others how inferior they are, and they can’t stand it, so they point their finger and make excuses…

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    When Jesus said that the truth will set you free, he meant that one must lose all sense of affiliation with any belief or organization that supports the idea that anyone is better than anyone else just by declaring such (racism).

    The truth is in results. The truth is self-explanatory, so the regimes that delve into the worlds of deceit, like the Russians, and Chinese, must deploy bot farms to produce propaganda or their subjects (so-called “citizens”) will immediately see through the veil of corruption.

    One propaganda myth that has actually impacted many Westerners is that of de-dollarization. It is a crackpot of bullshit that destroys the investment hopes of many Europeans and Americans who hide from their own shadows thinking the dollar might collapse overnight and they’ll be left to a destitute existence. As a result, they shrivel instead of flourish.

    There is NO de-dollarization. The world is deglobalizing, so some countries that previously held dollars are dumping them, but others are buying them instead. Overall, the use of dollars is ACCELERATING, so the U.S. is strengthening and doubling its industrial capacity.

    As for Putin, who has somehow convinced some in the West that he is the poor victim who is defending his innocent sheep from the big bad wolf (NATO) and made another big nuclear threat just a couple of days ago… He will be remembered in history as an agent of chaos and will be studied by future generations as a crook.

    When Trump looked him dead in the eyes and told him that if he dares to invade Ukraine he’ll drop a bomb on Moscow, Putin took it like a little girl. When Trump lost the 2020 election, Putin thought that he could take advantage of it, but he underestimated how much the enlightened world sees through his KGB mindset.

    “I am the alpha and omega” is the great immutable law of cause and effect. In due time, he will also get what’s coming to him. For now, know that America is the world’s most important country and the true hegemony. No amount of propaganda can stop it, but if you allow yourself to be duped, you’ll lose out on the abundance that its free-market miracle allows for.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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