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Biden, Get Your S**T Together. We’re SUFFERING!

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Started with Clinton,
But Obama Really Screwed It

When the most accurate A.I. tool for determining mistakes and their impact on human life on this planet will be asked who had the best hand dealt to him, only to ruin it in a way that is beyond recognition, the finger will point to William Jefferson Clinton, A.K.A Jeffrey Epstein’s buddy on the Lolita Express.

George Herbert Walker Bush was the American president who brought the Soviet Union to its knees. It was the genius of the Pentagon’s change from scaling the amount of munitions and bombs to meet those of Moscow’s to the era of GPS-guided weapons – those that actually hit the target – that persuaded the top brass at the Kremlin that they fell behind and that it would take 15-20 years for them to catch up, if ever.

No one expected the U.S.S.R to collapse in a year… it was generally assumed that it would take 100 years, but the decline was so swift and out of left field that America’s voters lost sight of the opportunity they had at hand to create Bretton Woods 2.0. Instead, they went with the draft-dodging, sex-driven southerner with no real experience from Arkansas, where he was facing corruption allegations from here to Timbuktu.

Clinton, like other academic presidents, with no real-world know-how, studied at Yale, where he met Hillary and pursued a political career, but apart from charm, he had nothing.

Unfortunately, charm won and Clinton failed so epically to understand the world that he brought China into globalization and SOLD OUT America’s middle class to the enemy.

They fooled him like a little girl, all while another threat was brewing in the Middle East, because of his stupidity. He didn’t assess the ramifications of the war with Iraq and how it would allow other groups in the region to rise, and on September 11, 2001, they were actually able to strike on American soil, even though the warning signs were there all along.

Why? Because Clinton did not instruct any of the agencies to be cautious and take seriously the threat of terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Because his administration had no plan, George Bush panicked, and rushing to put a retaliatory strike in motion to project power, he approved an unwinnable war.

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    So, in the span of one short decade, from 1991 to 2001, under Clinton’s radically-destructive administration, the U.S. went from not having any threat imposed on them, to funding the rise of China, gutting the middle class, disregarding the rise of America-hating terrorist groups in the Middle East and taking on costly wars that resulted in no noteworthy achievements.

    The next time America went to the ballots at a crucial moment, they had their choice between an incredibly experienced war hero in John McCain or a smiling clueless woke liberal, and they elected Obama – TWICE.

    In 2020, they elected a mentally-frail person, and in the months he has left, IF America doesn’t vote him in again, he is showing the world and Americans that he is willing to write blank checks to Ukraine and to bomb a few Houthi bases in Yemen, but these are like punching pillows.

    Get your act together. The free world needs a decisive direction, or the authoritarian world, which is dead-set on destroying freedoms and liberty, will take over.

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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