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Biden Trails Trump; China Looks on in FEAR

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“Don’t Go Wobbly on Us”

Kentucky Senator John Kennedy told President Biden: “Don’t go wobbly on us, Joe.” He made the case for why extreme liberals in the Democratic party are nuts to rationalize what Hamas did as legitimate resistance to anything.

He explained that there is no nuance here, no room for any consideration… America doesn’t and shouldn’t entertain any talks with savages and barbaric cultures.

Some clueless Westerners who learned most of what they know from TikTok or woke Marxist-leftist agendas, funded by radicalized Islam without even knowing this is what they’re being fed, are useful idiots. Joe Biden, being the spineless leader that he is, would rather entertain and cater to these brainwashed, rotten drains on society than to elevate them by teaching them the truth and punishing their stupidity.

It’s sad, really, but it proves one thing: Iran and its allies are right… In the West, the self-indulging love of individualism has made it so that people don’t know any history. They know nothing about how the world has become what it is and have no clue about the evolution of culture and the price their forefathers paid to get them to where they are.

The woke subculture is weak and filled with destructive mindsets. It’s unfortunate, but America can only regain its footing after leaders emerge that make them pay the price for their ignorance, instead of embracing their mediocrity like in those upside-down Ivy League universities that have disgraced themselves in front of Congress.

I’m constantly asked how I have reached my point of view of the world, and I can tell you that it’s by understanding reality instead of getting a dose of propaganda spewed on me like poison on our youth.

Why is the United States aligned with Israel? Why?

Is there some grand conspiracy by the Rothschilds or any other nonsensical fairytale that the right-wing extremists can’t get enough of? (by the way, all Russian/Chinese/Iranian cyber bot farms know the right-wing extremeists’ hot buttons, like jews controlling the media/politics/banks/your door knob/the light fixures above you, so they pour millions to fuel their paranoia, truning them to useful idiots)

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    No. It’s time to grow up and understand reality, not some theory that not only questions one’s sanity but holds them back from advancing in this world.

    The reason that both Democratic and Republican presidents (save for the worst president since Woodrow Wilson, Barack Obama) have worked closely with Israel since the mid-1960s is because they realize that it is a trusted partner in the enlightenment of humans everywhere.

    In the Middle East, there is an axis of evil and a cancer of sorts called the Jihadist war. It’s a delusional theory that God gave this land to some group and the rest are infidels. It’s not a myth… It’s a way of life, and Iran is the king of this grand bullshit.

    As king, they fund an army of other weirdos that follow it for either financial reasons or ideological ones. The Houthis of Yemen are like the rook that disrupts free trade along shipping routes and makes our lives more expensive.

    Their proxy militias in Iraq and Syria are supposed to help Bashar al-Assad keep his seat in the brutal civil war of Syria where more than 600,000 people have died in the past decade!

    Without the presence of Israel and the incredible strides it has made in technology, agriculture, and energy, its partners that President Trump helped bring to the table in the Abraham Accords wouldn’t enjoy the fruits of trade with one of the leading nations of the world.

    Since the 6th century, violence has been the way of life in the Middle East, but with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and members of the Abraham Accords realizing that they have a chance at lifting this entire region from the darkness of poverty and chaos, we stand at the gates of prosperity.

    Whoever puts to bed the Iranian imperial agenda will be remembered as a great peacemaker. Will it be Trump, Biden, or a wildcard nominee?

    President Xi… Don’t stand in the doorway… Don’t block this. You’re not capable!

    Best Regards,

    Lior Gantz

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