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Exhilarated by my first opportunity at seeing the world, fresh out of high school, my best friend {at the time} and I packed a bag and flew to New Zealand in 2008.

The country’s North Island is tropic and beautiful, formed by volcanic activity, but the South Island, formed partly by tectonic plate movements, offers some remarkable geological landscapes.

Queenstown, a famous tourist area, resides on a gorgeous lake and has become perhaps my most favorite place that I’ve visited.

When I was there in 2008, an ad in the adventure attractions catalog read that a stunt biplane flight is available for either a 15-minute or a 25-minute long thrill.

I booked the longer version, expecting an adrenaline rush like no other and I certainly got that. The cab driver, who escorted me on the way there, waited next to the hangar and drove me back to town, telling me along the way that just looking at us made him nauseated.

Taking off, I felt fine and, as the pilot began performing maneuvers, I burst into uncontrollable laughter, screaming in delight, as my eyes saw the scenery changed from blue skies to mountains and earth, as the plane twisted, rolled and did 360 loops.

I reached positive G forces of 4.5 and negative ones as well, floating in my seat, feeling weightless, as the seatbelt magically stopped sensing strapped.

It was a cool 240 seconds and my heartbeat rate reached about 180 BPM, according to the pilot. Little did I realize that there were 21 more minutes to go and I was starting to get the urge to throw up.

Some things feel great at first, but keep at it and they become unbearable; I ended up doing the 15-minute product and it took me two and a half hours to get past the rush and the headache.


As we enter 2022, there are demographic events, which are about to send the Concentrated Core CPI (10 year average), subtracted by the U.S. 10-year bond yield (10 year average) to negative territory for the first time in 64 years!

Forget everything else you’re hearing about labor shortages, about a possible war in Taiwan or Ukraine or about new variants because what matters is that for the first time, under the fiat monetary system, the treasury department will issue bonds that are guaranteed losers.

Rates, as measured by the long-term averages, not momentary and temporary ones, are going negative!

Does this matter? You bet it does!

In 1908, the earliest era we could find data on, it brought about the biggest bank run in American history; it got so bad that the bankers lobbied for a central bank and we got the Federal Reserve shortly after.

In the 1920’s, the second such period, it ended with the Great Depression.

In the 1940’s and in 1950’s, the last time it went negative, Washington was accused of cheating on the gold standard and by 1971, it defaulted on its gold/dollar convertibility and sent the metals soaring.

If, in fact, in 2022, rates go deep into the negative zone, silver and gold are going to have a tremendous year, perhaps a record one for gold, going to over $2,100.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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