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Priority Mastering: The Art of Controlling Your Life

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Personal Finance

Priority Mastering: The Art of Controlling Your Life

Oct 29, 2016 | Personal Finance

Time is a precious resource, and how you spend yours today will determine where you will be in 10 years. That’s a fact.Understanding how to use it wisely will help you realize what’s holding you back.

Self-Analysis Quiz

1. Have you set major life goals?
2. Have you drafted a plan of action, and are you executing it?
3. Are you a Limitless Executor?
4. Do you have a Wealth Team?
5. How do you find inspiration every day?
6. Are you relaxing, exercising, and paying attention to your health?

This short quiz is meant to allow you to take inventory and make sure you know exactly where you are in terms of your journey. No delusional person ever succeeded.

Actions and Excuses

How you value life itself determines how you value time. Action takers are goal-oriented, examine ideas they encounter before agreeing and adopting them, take risks and assume responsibility, learn from mistakes, create positive relationships, and are controlling their optimism.

In complete contrast, and you know these people, there are plenty of excuse makers. They are drifting through life aimlessly, always controlled by their lack of opportunity and imagination, jumping from one idea to another, repeating the same mistakes again and again, and wouldn’t know a weakness if it bit them.

Master Time: Become an Executor

You are like me, I imagine, in many ways. We have a competitive spirit and we want the better things in life by helping others. Here are ways to execute your win-win attitude.


This is your main source for opportunities. It’s a route to independence, allowing you to express your creative juices. Love your work! If you take pride in it, others will as well. This will provide you with satisfaction. Man’s greatest happiness comes from a sense of progress.


Execute with discipline. If there’s one quality that can be attributed to the lives of the truly successful, it is that they occupy their minds with what they choose.

Recharge your mind with positivity on your terms – I love to hear music or speak with my wife and get fired up.


Give first and receiving comes automatically. Be unselfish – it’s contagious. Some advice you will rarely hear, but my experience has proved to be true, is that excuse makers are focused on drama and gossip – not results. They will waste your time worse than anything else. Sympathize with them, but don’t indulge them.

Another point is that relentless executors are obsessed with delegating work. They simplify their schedule so that they do only the seriously productive activities.


If you value life, you value your body. Sleep well, eat right, exercise, and relax. You must prioritize these activities.

Leisure time

There’s a misguided notion that successful people work around the clock. Workaholics aren’t successful. Life is too short to be chasing dollars 24/7. Instead, master time and prioritize romancing your spouse, laugh with family and friends, and engage in your favorite hobbies. It is he who can enjoy life fully that has the most vivid imagination and creative thought.

Lastly, understand that for the most part, what you must do is divide your time into blocks that comprise 17 hours of the day, allowing for at least 7-8 hours of sleep. My favorite way of blocking time is scheduling everything on a calendar and having an assistant remind me.

Mastering time means mastering your life. Do it.


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