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Channeled Attention – Cutting Non-Essentials

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Personal Finance

Channeled Attention – Cutting Non-Essentials

Sep 24, 2016 | Personal Finance

Channeled Attention – Cutting Non-Essentials

Whoever said “Keep all your eggs in one basket and protect that basket” must have been a seriously successful individual, since this principle is one of the most ignored and misunderstood ones in today’s hectic business world.

If you are on your way to creating the life you have designed in your mind, our series of 17 principles of success will help you realize what principles have you been applying without even consciously knowing you were implementing them.

When you see people who are determined, they are applying Channeled Attention, and it allows them to cut any non-essentials and coordinate all the aspects of our mind — emotions, reasoning power, memory, imagination, conscience, and willpower — in an ideal way.

In business, Channeled Attention is the secret sauce of success for countless firms. Intel, for example, solely manufactures computer chips. By doing that, they have been able to dominate the industry by dedicating their undivided attention to computer chips. Donna Karan makes professional women’s clothing. By zeroing in on one niche, you are able to become the best at it.

Channeled Attention brings into your life the so-called law of attraction. By being so attuned to ways of improving your situation, the mind will figure out intuitively how to guide you.

Not only will you become more resourceful, but you will begin to believe in yourself, because all of your being will be consumed with constructive thinking.

Remember, our mind is always at work. When you aren’t channeling your attention and energy to your major goal, you are, in effect, helping to advance somebody else’s goals and are open to negative influences and neglect of moral. Don’t be susceptible to others – teach your children their right to be attentive only to what matters and they will stay out of trouble.

Channeled Attention is what lowers the volume of the world to the bare minimum and allows you to only devote your time, thoughts, and energy to what matters.

Channeled Attention – Prime Driver of All Principles

* Major Goal: Once you decide your major immediate goal, Channeled Attention will make that goal engulf your being, and reaching it will seem closer every day.

* Wealth Team: No one ever succeeded by himself. Channeled Attention inspires others to follow your lead, since you genuinely care about what you do, and your bond with the team will be rock solid.

* Inspired Action-Taking: Here, Channeled Attention will be a key that assists in analyzing past mistakes, in order not to repeat them. Instead, it will focus you on your next step.

* Self-Governance: This principle will give you such high degree of control over emotions and willpower that you will now operate like a well-oiled machine.

This is the apex of personal achievement.

My personal experience has shown me that only 1 out of every 28 people have learned the significance of doing one thing at a time, and out of them, only 1 out of 7 is actually applying what he knows into Channeled Attention. That one person out of 196 will be paramount to your Wealth Team, but he will commit if you do.

Channel 100% if your attention to your major goal – begin now!

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